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Disclosure: Pear Tree Greetings provided me with free product samples for creating an easy teacher gift idea but I was not otherwise compensated.  Please know they printed the names of my kids’ {totally amazing} teachers beautifully, but in the interest of keeping personal information private I blurred them out.  I know I could have made a ‘mock’ version, but I’m the second worst end of school year mom and ain’t no one got time for that nonsense. {wink!}

personalized book plates {teacher gift idea}

Someone stop me.

I can’t help myself when it comes to books.

So when I saw these gorgeous personalized sticker book plates from Pear Tree Greetings I had to get a set for each of my kids’ teachers.  They’re so stinking pretty, and inexpensive too.  That’s when the wheels started turning– you need a book for the bookplates, and a library card for the book, and a pocket for the card… and TWINE, for goodness sakes, don’t forget the TWINE!

Baker's Twine {Teacher Gift Ideas}

Please.  I told you to stop me.  I’m sounding like ‘If you give a Carrie a bookplate…’, which is not nearly as entertaining as that other version.

Teacher Gift Ideas

I happened to have some library cards and pockets on hand from a project I was working on (you can find them on Etsy), which got my wheels turning.

personalized teacher gift ideas

Before long I had this:

Teacher Gift Ideas

Bless the poor teacher that has to unwrap all those layers.  Oooops.

First up was buying gift cards to a bookstore.  As a former teacher, this gift would rock my world (in a good way).  Ambitious new teachers could use it to buy books for their classroom, and the rest of us might love books for summer reading, or putting it toward a Nook or ebook download.  Or a toy or game.  Or some new pens.  I mean, it’s a bookstore– you’ve GOT to find something you’ll love in there, right?

Teacher Gift Ideas

Then I used a brown grocery bag (or use a lunch bag) to wrap up the gift card box.  After attaching one bookplate to the front of a library card pocket and placing it on top of the wrapped gift box, I then added a library card and wrapped the entire thing with aqua bakers twine.  Sigh.  I love me some aqua baker’s twine.

Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Ideas

And while I stuck with the blue apples and faux bois for my book plates, there’s an array of additional teacher gifts perfect for the teachers and/or book lovers in your life over at Pear Tree Greetings (like matching note cards.  but who’s counting.)

personlized teacher gift ideas

They didn’t even pay me to say that.  But I did gratefully accept some purdy stickers, because stationery is a huge weakness of mine.  As are Swedish Fish.  And now I’m craving sugar.  See what you do to me?!

These would not only make great teacher gifts, but it’s also a gift idea for mom or other book lovers in your life.  School may be out in your corner of the world, or for some it’s still trudging along.  Go ahead and pin it for later so you don’t forget.  😉

personalized book plates {teacher gift idea}

I’m also knocking out my summer reading list, as you can see from my Book Lust Pinterest board.  Any great titles to recommend or thoughts on great books for the summer?  Because I’m feeling the sudden urge to hit the book store.  Can’t quite figure out why…

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