Quick Ways to Display Heirlooms {Day 24}


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There’s twelve minutes left in day 24, so without further ado here’s a few quick ways to display heirlooms in your home– including a cute way to display vintage keys.  These particular keys came from my Grammie:

How to Display Heirlooms as Art

 They were handed down to me, and I wanted a way to remember not only the wonderful person she was but also how welcoming her home always felt.  I simply hot glued the three keys and placed them in a shadow box.  Easy, inexpensive, and each time my eyes rest on it I think of my beloved Grammie.

How to Display Heirlooms as Art

If you don’t have vintage keys from your family, you can buy them inexpensively online or at antique stores.  Here’s a box full where I picked out a few gorgeous ones for .25 each at Clover Market last month.

How to Display Heirlooms as Art

On the other side of the family gene pool is my Papou.  We used to play with this mandolin style music box time when we visited.  It plays Greek music when you turn the key.  It stirs up such beautiful memories of a beloved grandfather.  Now my kids love to play the music, so I have to place it on a really high, unclimbable shelf away from their destructive hands.  We take it down for them when they ask and they do use it gently, however unsupervised it would be broken in half within seconds I’m sure.  I made sure to place it in a way that it’s showcased as art.

How to Display Heirlooms as Art

Here’s my advice when it comes to heirlooms: wrapped up in storage boxes, they don’t help anyone.  If you love something and it brings happy memories, find ways to display it so it honors those memories.

Someday, those hand prints will be an heirloom for my kids.  True story.  Now get out those heirlooms and find creative ways to display them!

How to Display Heirlooms as Art

Which heirlooms are you struggling to find ways to incorporate into your decor?  Any that you love and have on display right now?  Please share!

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