So We Sold Our House

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selling a house

You guys. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in a quicker-than-expected follow up to So We Have Some Big News I can finally say we are under contract to sell our home and we close in less than 2 weeks if all goes according to plan. I thought our home would take a little while to sell because of the real estate market but we ended up getting several offers and we just couldn’t say no. Instead of moving towards the end of summer, it looks like we’ll become North Carolina residents sooner than expected!

In my mind, I dreamed the weeks before moving would be filled with trips to our favorite ice cream spot, hikes in Valley Forge, and leisurely lunches with friends. Instead, I’m going non-stop from the moment I wake until I fall into bed exhausted, mind racing, around midnight. A typical day consists of dropping the kids at school or camp, rushing to squeeze in all our doctors appointments, meeting with contractors, packing boxes, trying to keep up with the blog, and juggling about a million different details/ phone calls/ forms and more. Then I pick up the kids and we run errands or they play while I pack and make phone calls. Sometimes I squeeze in a trip to Rita’s Water Ice in between while we still can. 😉

selling a house

And, oh, we had to scramble find a place to live in NC since our home won’t be ready until fall plus a storage space since our living space is downsized by half until our house is ready. Which means packing TWO sets of boxes, one for our apartment and one for long-term storage. It’s been fun, y’all.

selling a house

In an already busy life, the momentous amount of to-dos is a bit unreal. I sometimes just sit back and laugh and wonder how I’m getting it all done, or IF I’ll get it all done! I’ll get it all done, right?

Quite honestly, the weight of this move and the impact on our kids crushes me when I stand still long enough. To avoid that, I’ve decided to just keep swimming as Dory would say. When I’m busy I don’t think about the emotional side. Once in awhile it hits me when I’m driving past their former preschool or a spot where we like to explore and I fight back tears thinking about how I’m taking my kids away from the only home they’ve ever known.

Then I remember. I remember how I feel like hibernating November through April. I remember how good it feels to live in a place like North Carolina where the clerk at the gas station would say “I appreciate you, darlin'” every time I bought a pack of gum. I remember how hard it is to make friends in this town if you weren’t born in this town. Perhaps I was young and naive when I first moved to NC in my 20’s, but I made lifelong friends who are like family to me. That gives me hope I can find the same once again, despite not being young and naive any more.

Well, this got emotional quickly.

It’s a tricky time of year for me– Abby’s birthday is quickly approaching, and that brings ALL THE FEELS (or, PTSD as some people call it– I’m gonna stick with ALL THE FEELS) as her birth and first few years of life were so difficult and scary. I’ll never look at fireworks the same way after seeing them from the NICU window the day after she was born, or drive into Philly without my hands shaking because it reminds me of all those months having to drive to see my darling baby in the hospital. In large part, moving away will be letting go of that part of our life for better or for worse.

You can just call me the Hot Mess Express at this point.

The funny thing is I’m handling it all well, but apparently I’m just gonna let it all out on the blog. I didn’t even know I was feeling this way until I started typing. I’ve been oddly unemotional about it in real life but late nights and a glass of champagne on top of exhaustion will do it to you. Blogging… the best therapy money can’t buy. 🙂

selling a house

Thanks for sharing this ride with me. I feels so strange to sell a home when I haven’t even revealed several of the rooms here on the blog yet! But, such is life. It sure does seem to speed up the older we get, am I right?

selling a house

I’m off to go pack a box (or three). I have posts lined up over the next few weeks and the blog will be going strong all summer thanks to a pretty amazing team of helpers. But no doubt I’m in summer mode, as are you, so I think you’ll enjoy the slightly slower pace and easy ideas we have waiting for you.

Now let me have your BEST moving and packing tips, I’m going to need them with just two weeks to go! And for those of you also moving this summer, I have something awesome and free for you coming soon so don’t wander too far. 😉

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  1. We’re in the same boat. House for sale on the east coast, temp. living in apartment on the west coast, and most of our stuff in storage.

    I bought a small wire bound notebook and a huge package of labels. I set up the notebook with tab dividers that are self stick and can be applied to pages (you can get them at Staples). Each tab represented a room, a closet, or a storage area (garage, basement, attic). I labeled each box with a label on the side and on the top with a code for the room and a number. In the book I recorded what was in the box. That will make unpacking so much easier.

    When our stuff finally arrives, I can pick which boxes to unpack first and where the boxes need to go. Organizing things on the “leaving”end makes it so much easier on the other end….

    Good luck with your new adventure!!

    1. Excellent advice. This is what I would have written. It closely mimmicks the records retention process we used at work. One book. One record. Keep it simple.

  2. So funny! Same here! We put our house on the market to escape MN winters and move to NC as well!! Thought Id have awhile then BAM it sold! Uprooting 3 kids! One in high school mind you! Should be a wild ride! Ill enjoy your blog twice as much now! Here’s my best packing tip! When you have a drawer with a sorter in it get a roll of plastic wrap on a hand held spool from home depot or lowes and just pull out the entire thing with its contents wrap it with plastic and pop in the box! That way when you get to your destination one cut down the center, wrap off and back in the drawer! Saves so much time! Hope thats helpful! See you in NC!!!

    1. That is a great tip!!!! Thank you! And best wishes on your move, see you in NC! 😉

  3. Love this post! It’s going to be emotional but oh-so-wonderful too!!! It’s a fun, fresh, new beginning. (And I’m not just saying that because you’ll be closer in driving distance!!?) Let me know what I can do!!! ?

    1. The kids are already beside themselves that they get to see you guys. And they think it’s so funny I used to live in Charlotte, just wait until they see my old apartment and maybe even a trip to Carowinds!

  4. Hi Carrie –

    CONGRATS on the quick sale…everyone who is selling a house dreams of a that. I am excited for you. Having just been through a move from PA to South Carolina I know what lays ahead. Try to stay focused and calm. It will all come together. Letting off steam is good. I didn’t let off enough and ended up with a case of the Shingles (stress induced) a few days before we settled on our new house. As the saying goes…. Stay calm and carry on!

    You are super organized so I think you will be packed up in no time. I would make a box for each kid and have them personalize it with markers or crayons. It will be their box for all the stuff that they really really want and that won’t go into storage. It will make them feel like they are helping but also see that their fave things can go with them. 🙂

    1. Diane, oh my goodness, Shingles? I’ve heard that is so painful and I had no idea you went through that recently. With that in mind, I booked a massage at my favorite place even though I do not have a free minute. I’ll tell myself that it’s a ‘prescription’ for preventing stress. 😉

      Love the idea of having the kids decorate a box. I’m going to do that today. They seem to have a hard time understanding that they will see their things soon even though we’re packing them in boxes. And not to crash your house, but at some point I want to take a road trip to see you and your new abode! I’m sure it’s stunning. Miss you!

  5. Hey Hot Mess Express — you’ll do great! I don’t think moving is ever easy and not stressful.

    My best advice for moving is to pack a “Open First” box, with paper plates, cups, and bowls; plastic silverware; a shower curtain liner, curtain rings, and non-slip tub mat; sheets for all the beds; bath towels; toothbrushes and toothpaste; paper towels and all-purpose cleaner; and a box cutter and a sharpie.

    The best part of this Open First Box is that you can pack it ahead of time and rest assured that you’ll be all set for your first night in the new apartment.

    1. I never would have thought about the box cutter and shower liners. This is why I need brains like yours helping me out! XO!

  6. Congratulations on the sale of your home and I hope that the move goes smoothly. I have moved many times and have found that buying a big roll of plastic wrap (It’s the stuff that they use in big warehouses to wrap the pallets with.) Then take the roll and wrap up all your furniture. It protects it from dirt and smudges and scratches. This is especially good when you plan to put your stuff into storage. Don’t forget to wrap up your pictures and home decor. Also, just go to your local rental company and purchase the boxes that you need that way they are all uniform and you can use the right sizes. I like to use the smaller boxes for the heavy items cause it makes for easier moving. The rental place will usually buy back the boxes that you do not use which is nice and you might as well reserve a moving van or truck depending upon the amount of stuff that you have to move. Don’t forget to rent a dolly for the heavy items, appliances etc. I hope you have some good neighbors or family or friends that can help with the loading and unloading when you get to your destination. I’d love to see pictures of your moving and using these techniques. Good Luck with your move!

    1. Thanks for the ideas, Venae! We are hiring movers for the heavy lifting but because the move is complicated I’m packing all the boxes myself. Great idea about the uniform sized boxes, that will be especially important since much of our stuff will be in storage for a few months. Thanks a million!

  7. You. Are. Going to Make it. You absolutely will even if you feel like death the day after moving 🙂 Rebecca’s suggestion of an OPEN FIRST box is a great one == might I add to that to utilize Amazon Prime for your “open first” needs. I had toilet paper, paper towels, Clorxo wipes – all the stuff you use a lot of and need right away – shipped to our new house to arrive the morning after we moved in. Amazon did the “moving” of those items, I didn’t have to go shop for them and they were right there at the front door when I really needed them.

    Another trick — pack little bits of CASH in random boxes. A $109 here, a $20 there – maybe even $100. When you are unpacking and stumble upon some cash that means it is ordering CHinese in time or going out for ice cream time or garage saleing time or whatever. It forces you to stop unpacking and have a little “REward” for your effort. Somehow it is a lot more fun than just digging around in your purse 🙂

    GOOD LUCK on the move and the new house and everything WILL work out — PA will miss you!

    1. AMY. You are BRILLIANT. Love the Amazon Prime idea! Just made my list and I’ll order it two days before the move. Also, I’m giggling about the OPEN FIRST box because to my kids, the open first box consists of their art supplies and guess what we put right on top? Crafting with Nature! It’s going to be a fun way to explore the parks and trails and gather our supplies. And the cash idea is also brilliant, I would never have thought about that. Gives incentive to unpack, ha! Miss you!!!

  8. Hey Carrie-

    We’re right behind you we’re leaving the Cary, NC area and headed to right across the river from Philly on the NJ side. I’m looking forward to more seasonal seasons! I love snow. If you guys get snow here-be aware-it shuts the place down! Look up Snowpocalypse. NC does not do winter. There’s also a Rita’s here (Tryon woods drive) so not to fear. I’m looking forward to the moving tips even though this is probably move # 24 for us. LOL. Hot Mess Express-yeah that sounds about right (me too). Good luck with your move!

    1. You made my daughter’s day with the news that there is a Rita’s in Cary! Now if we could just find a Friendly’s she’ll be all set. 🙂 I will miss the snow. I hate winter, but love cuddling in on snow days and my kids love sledding. Good luck with your move, the summers up here are the BEST!

  9. Congratulations on selling your home so quickly!! Even though it put you in panic mode, in the long run it will be worth it because you have peace of mind knowing it actually sold (At least that is how I convinced myself when my house sold in one day and we have to live in an extended stay for 6 week with 2 big dogs). I’m excited for you and the new journey you will be beginning. Have a Happy 4th of July!!

  10. First, congratulations on the quick sale of your house which sounds like you totally didn’t expect it. Regardless of how you feel right now, you will be happy it sold so quickly. You now are into phase 2, 3, 4, 5, etc as you don’t have to worry about carrying two mortgages which is great. B.R.E.A.T.H.E! Things will feel hectic but keep your eye on the prize. Don’t allow yourself to think about what you’re giving up, think about what you will gain once you move. Your kids will not realize you never took them here or there, so think of all the fun and great times you will have in your new city! Lots of fun to be had there, and a new life to live. I hope your move goes well – and I’m sure it will. You’re a very organized type of person, so keep one book with many many millions of pages and write everything in it, label your boxes, etc .. it will feel busy but there is an end point!

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