BFFs, Bonding, and the Beach


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There’s something about going on summer vacation with the kids that begs for a campfire.

Oh, sure, those fancy all-inclusive resorts are amazing and fun… but for us, we like bare feet on sand, toes in the water, and salt in our hair.

Some memories just make themselves. Getting all five kids together for the first time with my BFF was so magical it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. So did seeing them run, share, and bond while dripping with marshmallows.

Giving them a wonderful memory that even my two-year-old still talks about? Priceless.

S’mores follow such a simple formula:

Marshmallows? Check.

Graham Crackers and chocolate bars? Yup.

Roasting sticks and a {carefully controlled} campfire on the beach overlooking the sound?

You can’t make this stuff up, friends.

Add in the glowsticks, and this was a night to remember. Actually, a vacation to remember.


Explaining to my kids on a daily basis that we can’t visit the Outer Banks (a.k.a., “the beach house”) for another year is the only downside. But there’s always next year, as I tell them. And tell myself. Because I’m kinda ready to jump in the car and drive down there again right now.

watching kiteboarders do their thing while we munched S’mores

Of course, we can have S’mores anywhere– because you don’t need a beach and BFFs to make memories and S’mores.

But it really does help. ;-)

Are you joining in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE movement this year? All it takes is some marshmallows, graham crackers, the iconic Hershey bar, and some heat.

BFFs optional. Sort of.

ME: Let’s get a picture of us together! But maybe not, my hair is cray-cray.
BFF: What about me, I’m wearing a hat!
ME: It’s not like it’s going on the blog or anything.
HUBBY: {secretly snaps this photo as we discuss why we shouldn’t take a photo}


What’s your favorite way to savor this season? Is there a simple tradition that symbolizes summer in your family? And how cute is my BFF and her kiddos?! I miss them already.
This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are those of mine and my kids– I mean really, check out those smiles!
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  1. I love it!! So, SO much fun. S’Mores are oh-so-yummy!! Wonderful, fabulous memories!!!
    BTW, why wasn’t there a picture of the graham crackers? he he. My kids saw the box at Target and started to retell the whole story about the graham crackers and Mr. C buying them!

  2. Ha, Nic, there probably WAS a photo of the graham crackers. We just can’t see them. XO, love you!

  3. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing! And also thanks for sharing Abby’s story too! I read and was in tears! Wow! what an amazing miracle! I had no idea about that! She is so precious! 🙂


  4. Love the pictures (especially the one of you and your “BFF”) Since I was 5, we have gone to a YMCA family camp near Somerset, PA. We go the same week every year so the people we camp with have become like family. Last spring my son asked daily, “Is it summer yet?” I’d go into an explanation about how it depended upon your definition of summer (weather, the calendar, when school’s out, etc.) Finally, when school was out, I answered, “yes,” and he said, “So, are we leaving tomorrow?” I then realized that by summer, he meant going to camp!

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