Summer Lovin’ and A New Start

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Happy Monday!  Or should I say, Happy Last Week of August?  Simply can’t believe summer is really and truly almost over.  Summer around these parts is never long enough, I wish there was a way to keep it in my heart all year long.

Philadelphia Zoo

I bet Hawaiians don’t have this problem.  Methinks it’s time to consider moving.

picture (of a picture) of Noodle and Elmo at Sesame Place

There’s a few reasons I’ve been MIA as of late:

  •  trying to soak up the last bits of summer, despite all the rain
  •  squeezing in about a billion doctor’s appointments
  •  computer issues… who knew 28,000 photos could take up so much memory?  And then prevent me from doing things like, I don’t know, uploading photos?
  •  decluttering, organizing, and fixing a slew of things that have been bugging me forever

Last, but certainly not least:

I haven’t been happy with the direction of my blog as of late.  It’s losing that thing that made it special to me.  What this place needed was a rest, so I took a few weeks to mind map, prioritize, recharge, and come up with a plan– and of course a list.  Gotta have a list.  Make that three lists, actually.

Okay, maybe four lists.  I promised I’d always be honest with you.

Thanks for sticking with me during my growing pains.  I’m working behind the scenes to start off again fresh, like a new school year, next week.  There’s a great giveaway a’brewing, too, so stick around some more and I promise it will be worth your while.

Noodle visiting where I used to teach

Now, go run barefoot through a sprinkler, eat ice cream, bite into a tomato fresh from the garden, and snuggle in to watch a sunset with someone.  I’ll be here when you get back.  Pinky swear.

Bee and his ice cream beard are sad about summer’s end, too

{just promise you’ll hold my hand through winter?  I will SO need it}.


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  1. Ha! Ha! I love Bee’s wah wah ice cream beard face!! :-]…I’ve enjoyed the summer too, but since we’re heading into my favorite season….I’m still good with it! ^_^ I feel your pain though…..or should I say, honestly, I’m ‘trying very hard’ to feel your pain. :-))

  2. I can’t wait to see what new inspiration you have for your blog… not that I didn’t love it already. Please know that I’m here if you ever want to bounce ideas off of someone.

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