Protect Your Hair from the Pool with this DIY Swim Spray


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This video tutorial shows you how to protect your hair from chlorine in the pool while swimming this summer, thanks to a DIY hair spray made from essential oils + natural ingredients. Protect your hair from turning green, your scalp from itching, and hair from getting tangled and overly dry with this homemade hair detangling & pool protectant spray!

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DIY swim spray in bottle

Summer is here, which means pool season for many of us! Unfortunately, chemicals like chlorine can do quite a bit of damage to your hair (growing up as a blonde, it was alarming to see my hair turn GREEN each summer, eeeek.) Plus, swimming in a pool can make hair dry and tangled as well as cause an itchy scalp. YUCK! What are pool loving people supposed to do?!

Never fear, I have a NATURAL answer to your pool-hair woes. I call it ‘Pool Hair Don’t Care’, and it’s a DIY detangling and protection spray for your gorgeous hair. Simply wet your hair with tap water prior to entering the pool, shake the bottle and spray through your hair, and enjoy your swim! When you’re done, your hair will be smooth and protected.

How do pools and chlorine impact your hair?

Chlorine is a chemical famous for wreaking havoc on hair. It can cause blonde or color treated hair to turn green, dries out hair, and makes it difficult to brush. Plus, exposure to chlorine can cause your scalp to itch. None of those are fun problems to have when you’re trying to enjoy time in the pool!

adding conditioner to bottle

How do you protect your hair from pools and chlorine?

There’s two tricks to protecting your hair from pool water and chlorine. First, wet your hair thoroughly with tap water– most pools have an outdoors shower nearby, use that to soak your hair. Your hair will absorb the tap water first, making it more resistant to absorbing the pool water.

Then, shake your DIY hair protectant spray and spray onto your hair from the roots to the ends. Comb through. This is an added layer of protection for your hair– the formula will help repel the chlorine while making your hair soft and shiny too.

blue glass bottle

Which essential oils are best for summer hair care?

There are many essential oils great for hair, including the following:

  • lavender essential oil (careful using this on color treated hair)
  • tea tree essential oil (careful using this on color treated hair)
  • peppermint essential oil
  • geranium essential oil
  • rosemary essential oil
  • Ylang Ylang

Our DIY Hair Rescue recipe uses Rosemary but you can add or substitute any of these wonderful choices.

adding essential oil to glass bottle

How to Make DIY Hair Protect Spray Video


  1. Add conditioner to the spray bottle and fill the rest of the bottle warm water.
  2. Shake to mix well and dissolve the conditioner
  3. Add rosemary (or lavender) essential oil and shake again.

To use: before getting in the pool, wet hair thoroughly with tap water and spray all over with protectant spray. Comb through hair then enjoy your swim!

blue glass bottle

Healthy hair this summer is a easy and 1, 2, 3, right?! ENJOY your pool time, and buh-bye green hair!

DIY swim spray in bottle

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