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… that little Benjamin was born without a hitch last Friday, weighing in at a whopping 6 pounds, 9 ounces.  It was a beautiful day, and we were surrounded by almost the same team as the one present for my daughter’s traumatic birth two years ago.  I didn’t dare let myself dream that the were actually having a baby until he was firmly in my arms, but the moment I first heard his little cry I was in absolute love with him.

I’ve been locked up in my room (or “feeding cave”, as I’ve grown to call it) trying my best to nurse him and also get back to health from my c-section.  I’m not sure the nursing is going to work out but I’m elated that I gave it my best shot and did the best I could to try.  He passed his first doctor’s visit with flying colors and my husband and I are in awe of how different it is to take care of Ben compared to when his sister came home from the hospital 2 months after she was born.  As it is with your second child, things just come more naturally and there is a lot less second-guessing.  Oh, and Ben drinks like a champ so we don’t have to put him on a feeding tube like Noodle!  Just being rolled out of the hospital with him sleeping in his carseat on my lap was a dream come true.

As for Ms. Noodle, she is in happy-land with both her grandmas doting on her and playing all day.  She loves to kiss Ben, but mostly ignores him except for the occasional “TAG!” she gives him to show she knows he’s here.  Thanks for all your good wishes and comments leading up to this day; it has meant so much!  I’ll continue to have pre-scheduled posts for the next few days and will hopefully be back to blogging soon.  In the meantime, I read all your comments and even though I haven’t been able to answer them they are keeping me entertained as I’m holed up in my feeding cave.  Thanks again for caring enough to follow along on this journey of ours!

Oh how I love this little face…

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