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I recently read that just thinking about buying things gives a person the same chemical high as *actually* buying things. But for me, I get a feeling of dread when I pay full price for something. It’s when I score a bargain that I get that high! And I know I’m not alone, judging from the amount of blogs out there with photos of that day’s booty (booty, as in treasure. Not, you know). Of course, a bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s something you don’t need, but when you get an amazing price on something you can use (or give as a gift, or donate to a charity)– well, I’d consider that a SCORE!

Hence my love for thrift shops. This love was born out of necessity when I lived alone and had a meager teaching income. I’d troll the thrift shops for things that I could transform with a can of spray paint. After awhile, I realized I was finding true steals… like an entire set of Wedgewood china for $17. The same set was selling for $450 on eBay. Talk about your find of the year!

I don’t get to them often, but when I do I’m in bargain heaven. Except sometimes I find outrageous prices on things (hello, $2500 for a knock-off entertainment center? are you joking?) but typically I find a gem or two. Today’s quest didn’t score any huge deals, but I was happy with my “booty”:

two Christmas plates to give away full of cookies in December: $2
three smaller Christmas plates, also for gifts of goodies/ cookies: $1.50
vintage mirror for my Etsy shop: $3
Children’s Place sweater (12 M): $2.99
Cherokee cardigan (24 M): $2.99
baby Keds: $2

Grand total? $14.50, MINUS 25% because I had a coupon! (yes, a coupon for a thrift store). That makes it $11! That’s a pretty good score, right? I was happy to walk away with things I will use, give, or sell for about $10. I’ll hopefully make at least that back on the mirror, once I fix it up and sell it!

You can find other thrifty finds over at Southern Hospitality’s weekly thrift round-up!

Is anyone else a thrifter? Show me what you got! Link to your blog posts about it, or just go ahead and brag in the comments. You deserve it.

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  1. Wow! A thrifter with a coupon? Now that’s downright smart shopping!

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