Walking in an Autumn Wonderland

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It’s time to add my fall post to the all the others swirling around the blogosphere.  I’m finally ready to admit that fall is here.  You know I’m a summer girl, but my second favorite season is autumn.  It used to be spring, but I think spring works better metaphorically (in theory it’s all about renewal and growth, but really it’s just very rainy).  I like summer when all that new growth is realized and ready to go!

So my second favorite season is here, and nothing kicks off autumn like a trip to the pumpkin patch.  This time of year I like to go to the local farm at least once a week, picking out a pumpkin each time {and maybe getting a peewee scoop of ice cream while there, too}.  We bought our first small pumpkins today along with the ingredients for pumpkin ice cream cookie sandwiches (so easy and yummy!)

Last year Noodle was so tiny when we went and we tried propping her up on the pumpkins but she wouldn’t even look at the camera.  This year, she walked around but despite the sea of orange all she wanted to do was sit and play with the gravel.  ::sigh::  Maybe next year she’ll be into it?

I did manage to snap one photo of her touching a pumpkin and not the gravel:

I love the farm near my home.  They have a myriad of pumpkin and gourd varieties that would make even Martha proud.  I wanted to show some of the ones that caught my eye today!

Hmmm… which one should be bring home with us?

The signs were all mixed up this year, so I am relying on memory as to the names of each variety.  I know that the lumina sign was on the wrong row, and some of the others mixed in as well.  If you see a mistake, let me know!

Classic lumina pumpkins.  I think these are my favorite because they are neutral in color and perfect in any decor!  Also, you should see the beautiful and various ways people are decorating them…
I’ll try to post links soon.
Cinderella Squash look like Fairy Tale pumpkins!
These are your typical squash, but looked interesting all piled together.
Lots of corn, too… while I was there, a man in business attire was loading a few huge corn stalks on the top of his Lexus SUV.  It looked a little funny, but that’s Pennsylvania for you!
I think these are called either “New York Cheese” or “Long Island Cheese” because they look like cheese wheels.
Peanut pumkins.  There is no mixing that one up!  They look like they are growing peanuts all over the surface.
 What is the name of this one?  There was no sign, but I’ve seen them all over the pages of Martha and other magazines.  The blue-green skin is striking, and I’m kicking myself for not bringing this guy home!
 An Apple gourd.  This guy made it home with us.  It was in perfect shape, and so unique!
Rows of gourds… which one to choose???
We ended up taking home the Snack Jack, too.  He was just so cute and perfect.
I had to stick in this photo because Noodle looks like she’s modeling her new sweater vest.  J. Crew, look out!

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of what’s to come for our Halloween Spooktacular!  The big event starts on Friday… you should go ahead and snag the button now so you are ready!  🙂  We’ll kick things off with a MEGA giveaway announced on Friday, and I’ll post tips, recipes, decoration ideas, costume ideas, etc. all month long.  I’d love to know if you are doing something similar or would like to be featured.  Let me know!

P.S.- I’ll post the how-to on the pumpkin ice cream sandwiches soon.  And besides getting a quart of pumpkin ice cream for that recipe, I resisted getting a scoop for myself!  Whew!
P.P.S.- You might have noticed Noodle’s feeding tube is back in.  I think I mentioned it before, but we had to put it in because she was sick.  She’s on the mend, and as soon as she gains back the weight she lost we’ll hopefully take it out again.  We’re looking at this as a speed bump, not a major mountain to climb.
As for the pumpkin tour, do you know the name of that bluish one?  And any links to pumpkin related posts that you’d like to share?
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  1. oh, i can’t wait for pumpkin picking!! usually my daughter ends up in tears, and we just grab the nearest pumpkin and hit the road! one day it will be fun!! lol

  2. Looks like fun! I wish there were really good places around here to get pumpkins, but there just isnt.

  3. She looks so big standing in front of those pumpkins! I remember the pictures from last year where you propped her up!! so cute!!
    I’m curious to hear that recipe – yum!! We eat LOTS of choc chip pumpkin bread in our house in the fall!!

  4. So pretty…I am in AZ and we are still near 100 every day—I could use some fall=)

    Stopping by from SITS

  5. well its hard to tell from the picture cause there are actually a few different blue/green/gray pumpkins.
    My guess from the picture is a ‘Jarrahdale’ or ‘Queensland Blue’ pumpkin.
    But it could be any one of the following:
    ‘casper’-(althought they are usually a white gray, they can be blueish gray at times)
    ‘Zapallo Plomo’
    ‘Queensland Blue’

  6. Courtney Rae, I think it’s Jarrahdale! The sign was in the wrong spot, but it’s the only blue-green pumpkin variety at this farm and I KNOW I saw that sign. Thanks!

  7. Carrie, Thanks for your sweet comment on my old master bedroom. You should be receiving the giveaway soon. I’m sorry for the delay.

  8. I didn’t even know there were so many different kinds of pumpkins and gourds. The things I learn blogging.

  9. Carrie,

    I really enjoyed visiting the pumpkin patch with you and Noodle! It was a sort of learning experience as I didn’t know a single name of the pumpkins!! lol!! I love: The Lumina, The Cinderella, the apple gourd, the peanut gourd (I have seen them painted, the texture looks awesome!), and the mini pumpkins. Oh, heck…I love them all!!

    Great place you went to. Can’t wait to hear about the pumpkin cookies…Your little Noodle is a doll. Love the picture of her posing in the vest. I laughed about her wanting to play in the gravel. I used to take my girls to their brothers’ Little League games and all they wanted to do was play in the dirt. They came home dirtier than the boys!! Go figure…

    Happy weekend, y’all!!


  10. Too cute! Shopping for pumpkins is definitely a fantastic way to ring in fall! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and if you’re going to be doing any spooky Halloween decor, stop by my blog for a how-to and a giveaway! I hope you can! 🙂

  11. Your pumpkin patch pictures are great! We’re taking my little grandbabies pumpkin shopping – I’m hoping for a bit of pumpkin/baby interaction! We shall see….

  12. What cute photos! Love all the different kinds of pumpkins. We’re planning a trip to a pumpkin farm this weekend!

  13. Oh, how cute your little pumpkin is! And what a great visit to the pumpkin patch, love those white ones & wow, at the different pumpkins and gourds. Thanks for joining the party!

  14. I LOVE all these different kinds of pumpkins and gourds! SO FUN!!! 🙂 Thanks for taking all these pictures and sharing them! It makes me even more excitedfor Autumn and Halloween! Good luck with your little Noodle… I’m sure things will be better before you know it! 😉

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