Washi Tape Wooden Letter (Kids Craft Idea)

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I found a way to use my latest obsession– washi tape– in a versatile kids activity that promotes fine motor skills while ending with an adorable finished project that has a variety of uses.  May I present… Washi Tape Letters!

The first time I discovered washi tape was in NYC at a store called Paper Presentation.  This is just part of the store:

Paper Presentation NYC

Yeah, you could say I spent a few minutes in there.  {ahem.  I almost missed my train.}  If you are sitting there wondering, “what is washi tape?” the answer is that it’s thin paper tape from Japan, often with pretty patterns on it.  You can buy it on Etsy and it won’t go to waste– simply search Pinterest for ‘washi tape idea’ and you’ll find hundreds of ideas for this humble little roll of tape for a variety of craft projects.

DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea

These Washi Tape Wooden Letters can be used in so many ways– as a door sign, a magnetic letter for a locker, attached to a bookend, wall decor– the list goes on.  Washi tape comes in thousands of colors and patterns, so the sky is the limit for this easy kids craft project!

Skill Level: Elementary and Older
While this particular project is easy, it does involve scissors and also lining up the tape neatly so consider that before attempting it with younger kids.  You know what, crooked washi tape would be just as fun so I’ll leave that for you decide if your child is ready for this– or, if you are ready for it with a younger child.  😉

wooden letter (inexpensive at Michaels)
washi tape
optional: drill and twine, magnets, bookends, baskets– depends on how you’ll use your finished letter

1.  Choose your tape(s).  I used two alternating colors, but you can use more than two patterns/colors or even just one for a more simple look.

2.  Starting at the bottom, line up your tape all the way across.  Leave some tape hanging off on both ends, because you’ll wrap it around the sides of the letter.  If your letter has an opening (like the bottom of this ‘A’), cut off the unused tape– again, leaving some over hanging the sides because you’ll wrap it around the edge.

DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea

3.  Wrap the overhanging tape around the edge.  So pretty, right?

DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea

4.  Continue adding tape/folding edges all the way to the top.  You’ll need to assist younger kids with cutting, but they’ll enjoy lining up the tape and smoothing it over the edges.

DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea
{the back}
DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea

5.  At the top, try to wrap the top edge with tape if you have enough overhanging.

6.  The last step depends on what you want to do with your letter.  For a door sign, you can drill a hole and tie a loop, or attach with specially made wall adhesive such as Command Strips.

DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea

Do the same for wall decor letters.  You could even spell out a name– that would look adorable.  Or add magnets to the back for locker decor.  I think they’d look great attached to a basket, and would make a great way to label bins for organizing each child’s gear.  You can also keep it ‘as is’ and lean it on a shelf or bookcase as a one-of-a-kind, personalized letter!

DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea
DIY Washi Tape Letters Kids Craft Idea

Well, campers, Day One of Kids’ Craft Camp has come to an end.  Head to your bunks, dream of washi tape, and we’ll see you bright and early for breakfast early tomorrow morning.  Get plenty of rest, we have four more days of ideas rolling your way– with multiple ideas each day.  Woot!

Are you washi tape obsessed like me?  Do you have a favorite source for the stuff?  And what would you do with a washi tape covered letter?
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