Homemade Darth Vader Costume (Star Wars Costume)

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We have an unlikely Star Wars fan, friends.  It all began a few weeks ago when I was playing with ideas for a freelance project I’m working on.  We were trying to highlight inexpensive homemade Halloween costumes, and this idea cost about $15.  While I was styling props, Noodle walked over and asked about the Darth Vader mask.  She had no idea who it was, or why his mask was so angry looking.

Homemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween

Which is when I almost panicked because of that whole nightmare thing.  But she was all, “Hmmm, let’s try it on, shall we?”*

*not her exact words.  She was more like, “I want to try the ‘Darth Mater’ mask!”

Try it on she did.

Homemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween

Haha!  Work that light saber, girl!  Seems someone was made for the role, despite never having seen the Star Wars movies.  She picked up the lightsaber and immediately began saying, “I AM THE DARTH VADER!”  Even though this started out as a homemade adult Darth Vader costume, it was perfect as a kids’ costume as well– with a teeny bit of tailoring, of course.  The whole scene had me in hysterics, she so looked like that little boy in the Volkswagen commercial.

I suppose this costume is a bit of a cheat, since we bought the mask and didn’t make it from scratch.  But it was so fun, and trust me– it cost way less than store bought Darth Vader costumes.  Plus, you get to wield a plunger-turned-lightsaber, people.  Extra points for that, right?

Homemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween

Here’s all you need to create the costume, all are available at Family Dollar (and I’m guessing at other discount stores as well):

Darth Vader mask
black plastic poncho
neon washcloth/dust rag
fabric glue
black gloves
black shirt, pants (optional, not shown)
various types of colored tape for the buttons on the chest (optional, not shown)

Homemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween

I’m guessing most fans already own a light saber, but if not you can make a fun one using a toilet plunger and a neon cloth.  I simply unscrewed the handle off a new plunger for the base.  Apply a line of glue to the handle, then attach the neon cloth.  Wrap the cloth around the handle, and glue again at the edge.

Homemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume HalloweenHomemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween

Cut poncho to desired length.  You can slit it up the middle if you’d rather have a cape, and attach at the neck with velcro.  Then wear a black top and pants and decorate the chest with tape (duct tape, colored electrical tape, reflective tape, etc.) to create the Darth Vader design thingy.  {I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about Star Wars, feel free to school me on what’s actually on his chest and belly.  All I know is you could create a good knock-off with some colored pieces of tape.}

Put on poncho and mask, add gloves, and start swinging the light saber.  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!  I’m guessing ol’ Darth doesn’t say that either, but you’ll let it slide, right?

As for my mini-Darth, oh boy, I’ve created a monster.

Homemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween

Or a former Jedi Warrior now a henchman for the Emperor Palpatine.  Haha, did I impress you with my Star Wars knowledge right there?

Thank you, Wikipedia.

If you’d like to check out the posts I wrote for the Family Dollar blog, here’s how to make a homemade cowboy / cowgirl costume for just a few dollars (it involves a dish towel, folks) and some delicious Rice Krispie Halloween Witch Hat Treats (with candy corn.  OF COURSE).

Mini Darth Vader, unmasked and cowgirled up:

Homemade DIY Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween

It may not be an authentic Darth costume, but it was fun to play with.  And Noodle still busts out her best Darth Vader voice often– watch out, James Earl Jones!  She’s small but mighty, that little one.

Do you usually make or buy your costumes?  Trying to find all the pieces at a discount store for our costumes was a blast, and I know there’s some other great ideas out there.  Let’s hear them!

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  1. That is such a great costume for cold or rainy trick-or-treating — something we get a lot of up here in the northeast! You can put layers on under it, and it’s already a rain poncho so no getting wet.

  2. Love it! I love everything about it. I keep meaning to post on your pumpkin lanterns that you could change out your lanterns seasonally, too. Christmas bulbs. Red with hearts. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing such fun stuff!

  3. Henry is a HUGE Star Wars fan, so seeing this picture made him love your daughter all the more! (we’re all smitten with all of you though!!) “She likes Star Wars!?!? I never knew!!” :)

  4. Star Wars girls rock! Love the costume and especially love the softie-style homemade lightsaber. So smart!

  5. Tamara duvall says:

    Love it!!! Aiden wants to be darth vader


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