10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

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10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

I know the DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE EVERYTHING challenge has everyone chomping at the bit to declutter, but WAIT! Put down the trash bag, just for one minute. I know you’re ready to organize and simplify, but before you begin I have a few important tips to read to set the stage for success. These tips will really give you a framework for decluttering so you don’t waste time and energy. And since no one wants a bunch of clutter in a post about decluttering, I narrowed it down to 10 of the BEST tips. Read them before you begin so you can concentrate on the most useful strategies, tips, and mottos as you go through your stuff and get rid of the old to make for a newly organized you this year!

Free Printable 2015 Declutter Calendar: 15 Minute Daily Missions For Year from Home Storage Solutions

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

Pro Organizer Tips: What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home via Apartment Therapy

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess from A Slob Comes Clean

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Declutter via PopSugar

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

3 things I don’t need ~ (a daily challenge) from Mommy Savers

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

How to Completely Clear Off Your Kitchen Counters via Live Renewed

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

Decluttering 101. How To Let It Go and Get On With It from Empress of Dirt

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

Flow Chart for Decluttering Your Closet via BuzzFeed


How to Part With Stuff You Are Emotionally Invested With from OrgJunkie

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

Keeping a Clean House: The 1-Touch Rule via Mother’s Niche

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

Bonus Tip: 7 Tips to Speed Up the Decluttering Process from Becoming Minimalist

Are those great tips or what?!

Now, carry on with your decluttering. And tell me about your progress over on Facebook and/or share it on Instagram (and tag me @MakingLemonade and hashtag it #OrganizeEverything!)

If you’re new to our 31 Day Organizing challenge, you’ll find everything you need right here. JOIN US! Share this badge on social media to show that you’re all in!Join the 31 Day Declutter and Organize Everything Challenge to whip your home into shape for 2015 in JUST ONE MONTH!

What’s your favorite decluttering tip? How do you figure out what to toss and what to save?

10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE Decluttering

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  1. The hardest thing for me is giving myself permission to take longer than a day to declutter everything! Making significant progress with these motivating pins though. Thanks!

  2. I would like to help a friend declutter her house, but she is a fabric artist, her daughter is an artist, as is her granddaughter, as were her mother and grandmother. As well she has a set of China from her mother and 2 grandmothers, and that doesn’t include the Limoges tea set. She travelled extensively and has wonderful souvenirs from exotic places, mostly hand-crafts. Everything in her house is beautiful. How do I get my head around declutter ing sch wonderful stuff?

    1. Getting rid of heirlooms and beloved treasures is especially hard. It’s important to think about honoring where it came from– are the items being used and displayed and loved? Or are they sitting in storage? My mom is an artist as well, I know the struggle! I’d start with the easier items first, and then move onto the harder ones. Have her hold each item, and ask herself if it brings her joy. If yes, then keep. If not– if she’s keeping it out of a sense of duty, etc.– have her acknowledge it’s place in her life, thank it, and then let it go. Sounds crazy but it WORKS! If she has several china sets, have her choose the one that brings her joy and that she’ll use. If it’s really too hard to let it go, taking a photo may help. Good luck!

  3. I don’t have much time to declutter, I normally ask for help to do it for me.

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