Laundry Room Organization Hacks to Make Life Easier


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Is your laundry area in need of a makeover or a quick perk-up? These 11 laundry room organization hacks will increase storage space and make laundry more efficient. Who knows, you may even end up loving doing laundry with these easy storage hacks in place!

I’m all about a good hack. If you are too, you’ll love these 25 clever cleaning and organizing hacks using shelf liners and these 27 cleaning hacks that will make your life SO much easier.

collage of laundry room hacks

Let’s talk laundry! If the state of your laundry room makes you cringe, I’ve got some hacks and tips that will make washing and folding clothes…dare I say…almost pleasant? If nothing else, these laundry hacks will help you be more efficient and finish the task faster.

laundry sign that says "this home has endless love and laundry"

11 Clever Laundry Room Organization Hacks

Ready to hear my favorite hacks and tips for the somewhat mundane task of laundering? Let’s get started!

1. Make it Beautiful

You’re more likely to spend time in a place of beauty and order than in a place of chaos and clutter. The necessity of laundry is not going anywhere (sorry!) – so take whatever space you have for laundry – and bring some beauty to it.

You don’t have to buy anything either. Just clean up the surface areas, remove clutter, give the floor area a good clean, wash the windows (if you’re lucky enough to have a window) – and lighten the place up.

If you have the space for it, a little ambiance with a plant or diffuser will keep your senses happy while laundering. Add some art to the wall, paint the cabinets, add new hardware– there’s plenty of small changes that can make a BIG difference. Keep reading for more ideas.

Organized laundry room

2. Create Clever Storage

Here’s a fun idea (as seen above): take the necessities (like clothes pins) and decant them into a see-through glass jar. Why not store the laundry powder in a cute clear jar with a stainless steel scoop too? You don’t HAVE to use the containers that products come in—be creative.

This laundry hack is kind of like a general life hack: find a way to take what you have … and make it pretty. Paint and new hardware can work miracles!

farmhouse style laundry room

3. Use a “One Load a Day” Laundry Schedule

Laundry can pile up quickly. Instead of facing ‘Laundry Mountain’ on a Sunday night, commit to doing one load of laundry a day to make it easy.

In fact, we have a laundry schedule with one family member scheduled a day. That way, each member of our family gets a basket of clean laundry to put away and it takes out the brainwork. And the less brainwork, the better– especially when I plug in a podcast or Real Housewives show as I fold. No thinking needed.

Another benefit is then I can schedule in a specific day for washing towels or sheets. Nothing piles up, everything gets washed, and everyone is happier and not digging through clean laundry for clothes to wear at 6:45 AM.

printable laundry schedule

PS- get this printable laundry schedule and 65+ more printables for organizing your entire home in our Streamlined Home Binder!

4. Give Wool Dryer Balls a Shot

In the last few years, wool dryer balls have become popular due to their price point, environmental impact (little), and their effectiveness. If you haven’t moved away from the fabric dryer sheets yet, consider changing them– I think you’ll love this alternative.

woman holding a wool dryer ball

5. …Or Use Alternative Dryer Sheets

Maybe you are allergic to wool and can’t go the wood-ball route – no worries. There are “clean” dryer sheets out there, too. To extend the life of them, try tearing them in half (for small loads.)

Bonus uses: When you find the used dryer sheet as you are folding, use it to quickly swipe a nearby baseboard for one last “hurrah” before going in the trash.

Dryer sheets are also great for running inside of some fabrics (such as activewear shirts) to reduce their clinginess. There you have it a laundry hack AND life hack.

6. Have a Lint Bin Handy

Having a place to throw away link easily and a must. Not only does doing so help maintain your dryer, it’s a safety hazard to let link pile up. Make it an easy habit to clean the link before each load goes into the dryer by having a lint bin at your fingertips. Charleston Crafted shows you how to mount one to the wall using a mailbox they bought on Amazon!

mailbox turned into a lint holder

7. Add Shelving to Organize Laundry

Go vertical with storage to use previously wasted space. Here’s a few brilliant ways to add shelving to your laundry room to increase storage space:

Check out these pull-out shelves from Jessica Welling Interiors that use the entire wall for handy sorting and storage.

pull out shelves in laundry room

These DIY laundry room shelves from Thrifty Decor Chick placed over the washer/dryer are PERFECT for safely storing laundry products right at hand.

DIY shelves above washer and dryer in laundry room

Or use built-in shelves to hold laundry baskets for sorting like this clever build from Houseful of Handmade (complete with plans if you’d like to make a similar design.)

built-in laundry basket shelves

8. Splurge on Good Laundry Bags

Need to sort laundry (who doesn’t?), but don’t have the room for a traditional rolling sorter or built-in shelves? These hanging laundry bags are the chic, practical product you’ve been waiting for.

Wondering what the point is? It’s important to sort laundry because you’ll want to wash like items together – for example, you can wash towels and sheets on warmer water and with more agitation in the cycle. But, you’ll need to keep your delicates separate. Pick one type of laundry to do daily and you’ll knock out your entire list with ease.

hanging laundry bags

9. Tackle Wayward Socks

Where do all those solo socks go? I think they’re having a party somewhere with all the cloth face masks that seem to have escaped…

If you can relate, here’s a handy tip for keeping things corraled together. Try using a small zip-up mesh bag (similar) to corral the socks and masks in the washing machine. If you still find wayward socks, keep them all together in a “halfway” home until they can find their match. You can even get a cheeky sign (similar) to display the socks that are awaiting their “sole mate”.

10. Short on Storage Space? Use the Wall

Mounting a drying rack on the wall has made life so much easier, especially when drying delicates or pool towels. This drying rack is surprisingly sturdy and much less expensive than the designer version.

wall mounted drying rack in laundry room

Another way to add wall storage is adding a pegboard or a DIY Slat Wall like this version from Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. Use hooks and hangers to store products safely out of reach of kiddos.

slatboard on laundry room wall

Hooks are also super handy for hanging ironing boards, supplies, or laundry bags.

laundry room and mudroom storage hooks

11. Or Use Rolling Carts for Hidden Storage

They make tons of rolling carts of all sizes these days, so you’re sure to find one that will work in your space. This rolling cart featured on Craftivity Designs fits right between her washer/dryer– brilliant!

shop the post handlettered

Here’s the products mentioned in one easy-to-shop section. Just click each picture below for shopping details.

There you have it – 11 laundry room hacks to help make your clothes-washing routine extra effective (and, dare I say, beautiful?)

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