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Declutter and Organize EVERYTHING Challenge! Tips, Tools, & Motivation to organize your entire home in 31 days

Happy New Year everyone! I’m not sure about you, but January always jump starts a frenzy of decluttering and organizing for our home. Between the cold weather keeping us inside, influx of Christmas gifts, and mid-season outgrowing of kids’ clothes we’re stuffed to the gills and ready to declutter and organize. I’ve been planning this for awhile, so I’m finally happy to announce that I’m running a 31 Day Declutter and Organize Everything Challenge so everyone can participate, motivate, and get the tools you need to successfully simplify your home this year!

Obviously, no one can organize every last toy, paperclip, and piece of paper in their home in just one month. But I’ve got a plan to get you on track, identify your needs, and tackle common clutter areas in about 15 minutes a day so you can get most of it done in 31 days. We can all find 15 minutes, so let’s make them count and set us on a fantastic path for an organized and simplified new year!

Are you ready for our 31 day challenge? Here’s a few things in store for you this month:

  • tons of ideas and tricks for decluttering and organizing your hotspots
  • quick tips for tackling clutter NOW
  • free organization printables
  • motivation, quotes, and helpful strategies to keep you going
  • daily check-ins and support on Facebook
  • plus a FAB giveaway you will LOVE to help you organize your life!

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make this happen for you, and I’m SO EXCITED to get started!

We’ll be having daily check-ins on the Making Lemonade Facebook page so you can share your progress, photos, tips & finished projects. Hop on over and ‘like’ it so you don’t miss a thing! Here’s a handy button you can snag to add to social media and announce that you are IN for the challenge.

Declutter and Organize EVERYTHING Challenge! Tips, Tools, & Motivation to organize your entire home in 31 days

Also, if you haven’t subscribed to getting new posts emailed to you, sign up now (and click the link in the confirmation email!) so the decluttering and organizing posts land in your inbox for daily motivation.

Let’s take the party to Instagram too- follow me to see what I’m tackling each day, and tag me (@MakingLemonade) and use the hashtag #organizeeverything to share what you’re working on so we can all show support!

Psssst: did you put away your Christmas stuff yet? Here’s how to organize your Christmas decorations, once and for all!

How to Organize your Christmas decorations once and for all!

Here’s the 31 Days of Decluttering and Organizing Posts (added as they are published, some have multiple days to give you time to go through them!):

DAY ONE: You’re here, commit to the challenge!

DAY TWO: Free Printable Customized Organizing Plan

DAYS THREE & FOUR: 20 Tops Tips for Decluttering and Organizing

DAY FIVE: Free Printable- 31 Things to Declutter in Under 15 minutes

DAY SIX: 10 Life-Changing Ways to Find Extra Time in Your Day

DAYS SEVEN- TEN: 10 Must-Read Tips BEFORE You Declutter

DAY ELEVEN: How to STOP Clutter In It’s Tracks

DAYS TWELVE & THIRTEEN: 23 FREE Printables to Organize Everything

DAY FOURTEEN: The BEST Organizing Tip (with the Weirdest Name)

DAY FIFTEEN: How we Organize our (Oily) Day

DAY SIXTEEN: The 5-Second Cord Organization Solution

DAY SEVENTEEN: 25 Brilliant Ideas for Organizing Toys

DAY EIGHTEEN: Free Printable Chalkboard Labels

DAY NINETEEN: Samsung Tablet Giveaway!!!

DAY TWENTY: Timesaving Tricks for Organizing Kids Clothes

DAY TWENTY-ONE: Organizing for Homework Success {Setting up a Homework Bin}

DAY TWENTY-TWO: Getting Rid of Hard Things (or, why I tossed my wedding bouquet)


Okay, everyone, ROLL CALL… WHO IS IN for the Declutter and Organize EVERYTHING Challenge 2015? Get the {decluttering} party started UP IN HERE!

Declutter and Organize EVERYTHING Challenge! Tips, Tools, & Motivation to organize your entire home in 31 days

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  3. I am so very in on this with you! I wanted to get this going way before the holidays but it just seemed that there was one thing or another taking up more time. I have spots in my home that seem to accumulate and back up. Somehow over the last year, I have lost a lot of the ‘flow’ in the home. Hardest hit areas would be the kitchen and linens such as towels, dish rags, tablecloths, etc.

    1. YAY! It’s hard to do before the holidays because there’s so little free time. So excited you’re joining in now!

  4. Yes, I need this, mostly in my own office! Also checking out your Christmas post – yea, my decorations are still up. The downside of having 3 trees…

  5. I definitely want to declutter this year! All the junk is driving me crazy. I’m going to schedule to share this with my readers on Facebook.

  6. I’ve been in decluttering mode since my dh wants to sell our home and move to a bigger one. I find myself asking if this thing, whatever it is, is something I really want to move. It makes the decision to toss so much easier!

  7. I just found you, but have been working hard this week to get cleaned and organized. So, if it’s not too late … I am IN!

    1. It’s never too late! Just jump in and get started! I add links to the new posts here every day and also update on Facebook. 🙂 Welcome!

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