3 All Natural Laundry Tips! {Eco-Friendly Laundry}

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3 Tips for Natural + EcoFriendly Laundry! makinglemonadeblog.com

Over the past few years, I’ve taken baby steps to having a more natural, eco-friendly home. The biggest (and most worthwhile) change has been updating our cleaning supplies by using mostly natural items like baking soda and vinegar. You saw the dramatic results with my all-natural SUPER CHEAP grout and tub cleaner— why would I go back to paying top dollar for toxic chemicals when natural solutions work so well?! Except for my Lysol wipes. BACK OFF of my Lysol wipes. I’ll find a natural solution when my son learns to aim better… ’nuff said. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I’m sharing my three biggest tips to overhaul your laundry routine and make it more eco-friendly AND way cheaper, without sacrificing clean clothing!  These ideas are totally painless, I promise– unless giving up toxic cleaners like bleach and fabric softener sheets is painful, in which case, you’re hopeless.  JUST KIDDING.

Tip #1: How to get brighter whites and soften clothes– without bleach!

3 Tips for Natural + EcoFriendly Laundry! makinglemonadeblog.com

I’ve been using this tip for years with great success.  Vinegar– yes, vinegar!– gets your whites brighter and softens your clothing without the need for harsh chemicals like bleach.  I simply add it to the fabric softener cup in the washing machine, and it releases it during the soaking cycle.  I did my research before trying this, and some people mentioned vinegar can corrode lines (which is funny, because imagine what bleach does to them!) so I only do this for my white and/or towel load.  Also, I occasionally flush the line by simply adding water to the cup during other cycles.  Like I said, I’ve been doing this for years and my washer is as good as new.  You *may* notice a tiny whiff of vinegar after the cycle, but once you dry them the smell totally and completely disappears… and you’ll have brighter whites and softer clothes to boot.

Tip #2: How to get rid of smelly towels– naturally!

3 Tips for Natural + EcoFriendly Laundry! makinglemonadeblog.com

You know how older towels can get the ‘not so fresh’ scent? I mean, you leave them a little too long in the hamper or the beach bag and the next thing you know… smelly towels. Not that I know anything about that. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s an EASY way to get the smell out.  Load up the washing machine with your towels and sprinkle them with baking soda.  I then add vinegar to the fabric softener area in my washer to give it a second blast of natural cleaning, and despite my fears of a washing machine volcano ala a fourth grade science project the towels come out fresh and good as new! NO baking soda volcano in sight. BONUS.

Tip #3: The ‘magic’ way to soften clothes and get rid of static in the dryer– without dryer sheets!

3 Tips for Natural + EcoFriendly Laundry! makinglemonadeblog.com

A few months ago, I won a set of these Woolzies Dryer Balls from a blog giveaway (affiliate link, thanks!) and couldn’t wait to try them.  They’re made with wool, but WON’T bother you if you are sensitive to wool.  They soften clothing and help keep static away without wasting dryer sheets!  All natural, much cheaper than buying pack after pack of dryer sheets, and eco-friendly.  Totally win-win, we love them! The only con is that they can be noisy (like tennis balls) in the dryer so you might not want to run the dryer while kids are sleeping if it’s near bedrooms. Our dryer is in the basement, so this bothers us not at all.

3 Tips for Natural + EcoFriendly Laundry! makinglemonadeblog.com

I’m still working on finding a great all-natural laundry detergent.  Currently I use ALL Free and Clear, I have yet to make my own detergent. We like the ALL Free and Clear, so it’s hard to switch!  It’s on my ‘to-do’ list, though, so I’d love suggestions.

NOW. Who’s going to come over and help me FOLD all this laundry? Yikes. I need an all-natural laundry folder. Wanna hook a girl up?

What do you think? Do any of those tips sound do-able in your family?  Give ’em a try and let me know how it goes!  Any other natural laundry or cleaning tips to share? Do tell!

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3 Tips for Natural + EcoFriendly Laundry! makinglemonadeblog.com

And if you’re ready to try more natural cleaning ingredients, click the image below to get a free ebook for cleaning your home with vinegar. 

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