Free Printable February Organizing Calendar


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FREE printable February Organzing Calendar

After posting the January Organizing Calendar, I heard from a bunch of you that you wanted one for February as well. And I’m nothing if not a people pleaser, so here you go! Each day features a task that takes about 15 minutes to complete, so in your ‘spare time’ (hahahaha… hahahaha… HA) simply work on that one task. Breaking it down like that makes it much less intimidating. Weekends have tasks that take about an hour since you may have more time on weekends. Or not. Switch up the days to fit YOUR schedule!

Click HERE for the February Organizing Calendar

Similar to the January version, I included a few ‘focus weeks’.  Since kitchens tend to need a lot of ‘focus’, I repeated a focus week for your kitchen but with new tasks. If you need kitchen organizing ideas, check out this post with tons of tips and tricks for organizing your kitchenHere’s a great solution for organizing knives for when you go through your utensil holder/drawers, too.

FREE printable February Organzing Calendar

There’s also focus weeks for your home office (or home office area), and for kids rooms/spaces too. Following this method, you’ll have your home tweaked and mostly organized by the end of February!

Here’s a few more posts that correspond with tasks on the calendar, enjoy!

:::  Tips for Quickly Organizing Toys
:::  Organizing Books by Color
:::  How to Make BIG BUCKS Selling Outgrown Kids Clothes and Toys at Consignment Sales
:::  Create a Family Command Center/ Makeshift Mudroom (for organizing winter gear and shoes)

I have another idea up my sleeve for March and April, so stay tuned. If you like the organizing calendars, you’ll appreciate what’s coming your way this spring.

Ah, spring.  If it ever arrives.

Click here to print the FREE printable February Organizing Calendar

To access the calendar, this link should pull up a .pdf of the calendar.  You can download and/or print right from there.

Which areas need most attention in your home? Who’s up for the February Organizing Challenge with me?

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FREE printable February Organzing Calendar


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  1. I love this! I need to get more organized this month, and since it’s a short month, it’s a great time to do so. Pinning this!

  2. Oh organization… how I love / hate it! Love when it’s perfect, hate when I know it’s not and needs done! Thanks for making this attainable!

  3. Oh you always make it look so doable!!.. thank you! Now I just need to find the best time of day to do this.. when do you do it? I feel like no two days are ever the same!

  4. Carrie, have you been snooping in my house!?!? I am ashamed to say that my house needs attention to *at least* half of this calendar.

    Guess I better get off the computer and get to work :/

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