Big Boy Room Revamp with Disney Paints

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Y’all.  I’m not totally emotionally ready to renovate Bee’s nautical nursery into a big boy’s room, but it’s almost that time.  He’s growing by leaps and bounds, and when I designed his room 3 years ago he was but a glimmer in my eye (and a bump in my belly).  Now, he’s almost three years old with a distinct personality.  He’s a boy obsessed with trains, cars, and… cats.  He loves snuggling after naps, reading his books, and his sister.  He speaks in full sentences and knows the name of every Car in Radiator Springs.  His memory is better than mine.  This baby?  He’s no longer a baby!

Disney Paint at Walmart

Which means it’s time to adapt his room to his growing needs (and his wants, which is “TRAINS!” and “CARS!”).  When I heard there’s a new line of Disney Paints from Glidden available only at Walmart, I did a happy dance– and so did my kids.  They LOVE anything Disney related, and there’s reason to celebrate: these new paints are affordable and come in 112 colors (and five innovative finishes, wait ’till you see them!) to make redecorating kid’s rooms a snap.  Plus, they cover like a dream which is really important for time strapped parents.

New Line of Paints from Disney and Glidden at Walmart
Yes, that’s a confetti topcoat! Only Disney could dream this stuff up, and aren’t you glad they did?

Since they are geared for kids rooms, the paint is ultra durable– formulated to withstand the wear and tear my kids can inflict including repeated scrubbing on my part to remove whatever they decide to do.  In fact, scuffs, crayon, finger prints, and stains wash right off without removing the color or finish.  But the #1 thing that I love about this paint is it’s low odor and has no VOCs.  I’m extremely conscientious of this when painting rooms, especially for kids.

While I’m not 100% ready for the regular-sized bed that’s in his near future, it’s evident it’s time to bridge the gap from ‘baby’ to ‘big boy.’  We decided to surprise him with these upgrades, so the family set off for a fun-filled shopping trip to Walmart to choose paint and a few accessories.  When we wheeled around the corner, my kids were first to spot the Disney Paint and they quite literally squealed.

New Line of Paints from Disney and Glidden at Walmart

They found the paint before I did, ha!  We noticed they had color palettes by ages, too.  Pastels for the nursery through more trendy colors for teens.

Disney Paint by Glidden at Walmart

Since we were at Walmart, we scouted out some other fun accessories for the new room.  They had us covered with matching Disney bedding and room accessories as well as some fun finds in other departments.

Disney Paint by Glidden at Walmart

They offer five innovative finishes:

  • All That Glitters (glitter)
  • Great Slate (chalkboard)
  • Speck-tacular (confetti)
  • Ready-Set-Glow (glow in the dark)
  • Magnificent Metallic (metallic sheen)

You can find out more about the finishes, see the colors, and get tons of ideas on the Disney Paint website.  And because it’s Disney, the site is pretty spectacular. 🙂

Disney Paint from Glidden at Walmart

We walked out of Walmart with Great Slate for an idea I’ve wanted to try for over a year.  Here’s what his nursery looks like now:

Disney Paint by Glidden at Walmart

Disney Paint by Glidden at Walmart

Next up, Big Boy Room Mini-Makeover!

Now excuse my while I go cry about my not-so-little baby over here in the corner.  :: sniff ::

Disclaimer: Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.



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  1. i don’t think he needs a makeover. The paint is still a great hue. maybe change up a couple decor elements or add an accent wall. Hold onto that baby age for as long as you can!

  2. I LOVE the glitter paint!! I so have to do that for 1 wall in my daughters room or the tween lounge/playroom!

  3. Can’t wait to see the update! Thanks for the tip to use Disney paints. I like to make sure our nursery is a safe space for the babies, too.

  4. Ugh, I am about to start going through the same thing. Lucky for me I never gave him a proper nursery so I don’t have any momentos of his baby stage to take down. I will hold your hand if you hold mine.

    I just went to the site and I LOVE the metallic paints! I also love the glow in the dark. The photo they had of the Tinkerbell room was so cute! I sent it to my sister. Her girls love Tink!

  5. Girl, if I had even one room in my house that looked that nice, I would NEVER take it apart! But obviously I’m excited to see what you’ll do.

  6. Uhm, would it be weird to paint my living room with glitter paint? Hahah. I just wrote a post yesterday that I’m GOING TO PAINT by May 5th. And uhm.. the glitter made me squeal. Think hubby would go for it?

  7. Ben’s room is oh so cute, but I look forward to seeing the updates! I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  8. I need to update my almost 3 year old’s room as well! I think glitter paint is a must!

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