Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2020


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If you’re looking for Christmas decorating ideas perfect for 2020, we’ve found them! From easy DIY ideas to affordable Christmas decorations you can buy online, here’s my how I’m decorating for the holidays to create a warm, cozy Christmas at home.

Christmas decorating ideas idea board

I can not tell a lie.. I love Christmas. The glow of the lights, the smiles, the gift giving… it’s such a special season. This year, though, people are decorating earlier than ever– and I don’t think it’s because of the ‘commercial creep’ from previous years.

With everything that’s happened with the pandemic, we’re craving comfort and coziness. We may have to give up traditional gatherings (like our Christmas Eve Open House where we fill our home with friends, which is breaking my heart) so we’re clinging to what we CAN do. Trees are going up earlier than ever, halls are being decked, and gift buying is well underway to make sure they arrive in time due to pandemic delays. What a year we’ve all been through!

tall flocked christmas tree in entryway

Christmas Decorating Ideas from Last Year

I didn’t share much on the blog about my decorations last year because, if I may be totally transparent, I’m embarrassed we still haven’t painted our walls or finished many of the projects on my list. But I don’t care anymore, what was once unfinished now feels fresh, ha! It’s HARD to put yourself out there on the internet but thankfully I have the best community and so far no one’s teased me for my blinding white walls. 😉

flocked christmas tree
Beautiful Flocked Gold and Silver Christmas Tree

Personally, I love keeping our decor simple and nature-inspired. Last year I loved the wreaths at the base of my light fixtures in the kitchen– they’re from the craft store!

white kitchen decorated for Christmas

Ready to ditch the stress and have a calm holiday season?


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I’ve had this sweet little garland since my college years! Draping it on this wall planter felt right and added a splash of shine.

simple silver garland draped on faux greenery

While I keep most of our decor neutral, I adore pops of red and this year I plan to do the same.

stockings hanging by fireplace

Christmas Decorations in My Shopping Cart for 2020

This year, people are craving comfort. Some are either going all out with bright, happy colors and others are seeking calmness through neutral tones.

Personally, I’m going more towards a vintage style that draws inspiration from nature and keeps the color palette peaceful tones of dark green, ivory, gold, white and black with an emphasis on decor that GLOWS. I’ve purchased a few new Christmas decorations this year (yes, well in advance– the good stuff goes FAST) and here’s what was in my cart this season:

Vintage Inspired Christmas Wall Art– I purchased these Christmas wall hangings back in September and plan to hang them in our entryway; I love swapping out art during the holidays to switch things up a bit.

two christmas tree wall hangings

McGee Studio Trees– I swapped out the topiaries on my kitchen window sill with these faux trees for a seasonal touch, and they look so festive and pretty! If they’re out of stock, I’ve also seen these faux trees in person and they’re great too.

Magnolia garland– I’ve purchased three of these magnolia garlands and swagged them over the fireplace mantel. They’re pretty, but it takes a few stacked together to make them look really full.

Lighted birch trees– my husband came home from the store one day with a set of three lighted birch trees and hooked them up with a smart plug to our Echo Dot— so now when it starts to get dark we say ‘turn on trees’ and they pop on and light up our living room. It’s a great way to glow up our home and transition our space until we get our real tree put up and decorated.

Large snowflake lanterns- I purchased a bunch of paper snowflake lanterns last year and plan to hang at all different lengths for a beautiful and neutral seasonal feel. The best part is you can find different sizes and styles (some are lanterns, some are paper fans) at World Market, Crate and Barrel, and Amazon.

three paper snowflake lanterns

Christmas DIY Decor Ideas

Even in this busy season, I love working with my hands on DIY projects. Here’s a few ideas for this year, and I have some more coming your way soon:

DIY Rosemary Wreathyou can buy the version in the photo below, or if you’re crafty make it with a wreath form, rosemary clippings and some floral wire. I bet it smells amazing!

rosemary Christmas wreath

DIY Ornament Garland– These vintage style ornament garlands can be draped on art (like over my reindeer photo below) or hung on mantels. You can either buy (such as this budget friendly version or splurge on this Anthropologie garland) or make one yourself for less.

christmas wall art with garland

To make the DIY version, get mercury glass ornaments (here are faux mercury glass ornaments in silver and here are vintage style ornaments in muted gold and pink) and tie them onto a long piece of silk ribbon or even twine. Gorgeous!

vintage ornament garland in silver
vintage pink ornament garland

Greenery + Fairy Lights- If you have decorative trenchers or large bowls, add greenery and fairy lights to make them glow. Simplicity is beautiful!

greenery and fairy lights in a bowl

Favorite Decorating Ideas for 2020

The best decor sells out early, so when I see something I love I buy it on the spot. If you see something you love, I recommend getting it sooner rather than later so you can enjoy it all season long!

Click on any of the photos below to shop the post:

No matter how you decorate this year, I hope it brings you joy and happiness. If you have decor that you don’t love, it’s a great year to try something new; whether it’s a new color scheme, adding in a few items you found online, or moving your typical decorations to different places in your home.

If your budget is tight, traditional greenery is inexpensive and budget-friendly (often FREE if you have a magnolia tree or use leftover evergreen branches from the tree farm.) There’s magic to be found in thrift shops, too– a few rounds of spray paint can work wonders on outdated pieces.

Christmas decorating may be happening earlier this year, but you don’t need to feel guilty. Do what brings you joy, and go ahead and deck those halls!

What are your Christmas decorating plans this year? Are you leaning towards bright and bold, or neutral and calming?

christmas decorating ideas board

Ready to ditch the stress and have a calm holiday season?


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