15 of the Best Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes


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Capture the essence of summer in your essential oil diffuser with these refreshing summer diffuser recipes! From combos that evoke sunshine to those that freshen air or smell like fresh peaches, you’re sure to find several essential oil diffuser blends you love in this collection.

Looking for more seasonal essential oil blend recipes? Check out this cozy Pumpkin Spice Blend for fall and this lovely free Winter Diffuser Recipes printable.

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Do you have a favorite season? Mine is, hands-down, summer. I love everything about it, yes even the heat and humidity! I find myself craving summer all year long, and now I have a way to capture it whenever I wish thanks to these essential oil diffuser recipes. There’s a blend for every vibe!

We’ve been spending most of our time in our house lately, so creating an inviting, stress free environment for my family is at the top of the list. One way I do that is with placing diffusers all over our home.

We loved trying these summer blends, which include recipes that lift your mood (I like to call it ‘liquid sunshine’) to blends that smell like fresh peaches.

essential oil bottles and diffuser

Below are recipes that evoke beach days, ocean air, and fresh laundry. Or, perhaps try a more exotic blend like After Sunset that’s romantic and sexy (ahhhh… I remember those after-the-beach days when I used to dress up cute and go out with a fresh tan and still slightly smelling of sunscreen. Now after the beach I just want to go to sleep, ha!)

Oh, and I’ll spell it out in case it didn’t get mentioned yet– essential oil diffusers help dispel odors, and with all this time at home we’ve been very grateful to have the help. 😉

The best part is I’ve made these into ‘pinnable’ images for you to save to your Pinterest board so they’re easy to find whenever you need an infusion of summer in your home or life. Without further ado, here you go!

Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

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beach house diffuser blend recipe
ocean air diffuser blend recipe
lavender fields diffuser blend recipe
after sunset diffuser blend recipe
easy breezy diffuser blend recipe
freshly squeezed diffuser blend recipe
sun shower diffuser blend recipe
cool breeze diffuser blend recipe
sweet dreams diffuser blend recipe
fresh air diffuser blend recipe
fresh air diffuser blend recipe
peaches diffuser recipe
endless summer diffuser blend

Another fun set of recipes for you:

summer diffuser recipes

Since we can’t travel right now, I love these clever ‘Staycation’ recipes to capture the spirit of fun summer destinations.

staycation diffuser recipes

I often get asked which diffusers are the best. I’ve tried A LOT of varieties, and my honest answer is the Young Living diffusers because they are ultrasonic, cover a wide area, and last forever. You can get cheaper diffusers on Amazon, but I’ve found the coverage isn’t as good as the YL versions.

My ABSOLUTE fave diffuser is the Young Living Aria because in addition to being gorgeous it also plays music and has various colors. They’re expensive but to me priceless and look beautiful as part of our home decor!

Aria diffuser on counter

We’ve been trying a new blend every day. Peachy Keen has been my kids favorite, and my old standby is always Lavender Fields (but the beachy, fresh air ones in this post are coming in a close second!!!)

With so many lovely recipes to try, you’re sure to find the perfect blend for your home too.

Do you have a favorite summer blend? Which essential oils remind you most of summer?

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