DIY Leather Diffuser Earrings

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These DIY leather diffuser earrings are stylish, fun, and super-easy to make. Plus, you can diffuse your favorite essential oils on them—hello, unlimited aromatherapy options!

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how to make DIY leather teardrop earrings as essential oil diffuser jewelry

Leather earrings are all the rage right now (thank you, Joanna Gaines), and the good news is it’s easy and affordable to make them yourself. DIY leather earrings can also be used as an essential oil diffuser jewelry, perfect for taking your favorite scent on the go.

Plus, they make great DIY gifts and fun activities for a girls’ night in. Once you get started making these easy DIY teardrop leather earrings, you might not be able to stop!

Easy and Trendy DIY Leather Earrings

I wish I’d known how easy it was to make these stylish, on-trend leather teardrop earrings. I’d have started much sooner! They’re so fun to wear, you can make them medium-sized or large and make a statement. They make fantastic DIY gifts for Mother’s Day or end-of-year gifts for teachers. Or… how about a Make & Take night with friends? Since they’re easy and affordable, they would be a fun craft night idea!

Rose gold leather earrings hanging on a potted plant

Perhaps my favorite part, though, is you can add a drop of your favorite essential oil on the back and they’ll work as on-the-go diffuser jewelry.

oils to add to diffuser leather earrings

I thought you needed a special machine to cut the leather, but turns out you can either order a bunch of pre-cut pieces on Etsy in pretty much any color you’d like or cut them yourself using a teardrop pattern cut from paper, leather scissors, and leather pieces and scraps from the craft store. You can even purchase an entire kit for making leather earrings for under $15!

Honestly, you can whip up a pair in just a few minutes and for just a few dollars!

4 pairs of leather teardrop earrings

Tools and Supplies

Here is everything you need to have with you in order to make some cute leather teardrop earrings. I even included links so now all you have to do is click, buy, and you are ready to craft!

here’s the leather punch set I used, it worked perfectly

how to punch a hole in leather with a leather punch

Leather Diffuser Earrings Steps

Follow these steps to make leather teardrop earrings that can double as wearable essential oil diffuser jewelry.

1. Prepare Leather Teardrop Pieces

First, you’ll need the leather teardrops. I ordered mine on Etsy, but you can use leather scraps from the craft store or Amazon and do it yourself. You’ll need a great pair of scissors (preferably leather scissors) to make clean cuts.

Print out a teardrop shape in your desired size, trace onto the back of the leather piece in two spots, and cut out. Stack on top of one another to make sure they are even, and trim if needed (you don’t want lopsided earrings!)

Preparing to make leather teardrop earrings

2. Make The Jump Rings Holes

Next, make the hole for your jump rings by marking the ideal spot at the top of the teardrop with a pen. Then, place your leather piece on top of a protected surface such as a cutting board or craft mat. Place the leather punch over the mark on the earring piece and tap on the back of the punch with the hammer until it goes through the leather.

Using a pin to mark the hole for DIY earrings

Repeat with the other piece of leather. You can also do this with a thick sewing needle or thumbtack if you don’t have a leather punch.

Using a pin to mark the hole for DIY leather earrings

3. Insert The Jump Ring Into The Leather

Using your jewelry pliers, open the jump ring straight out, place it through the leather hole, and also through the ring at the bottom of the earring hook. Close the ring completely.

Using needle-nose pliers to open jump rings for DIY earrings

This step might take a bit of dexterity and practice, but it gets easier the more you do it.

4. Insert Earring Hooks

Now insert the earring hooks onto the jump hooks. They should look like earrings at this point!

Adding jump rings to earrings

5. Add Essential Oils to Make Diffuser Earrings!

If you’d like to take a scent on the go, add a drop of essential oil on the back where the leather is rough. I love Valor for supporting feelings of confidence, Lavender for calming my nerves, and Manuka for a light, floral scent.

Adding a few drops of essential oil to leather teardrop earrings

DONE! Now go rock your earrings!

Rose gold leather tear drop earrings on a potted plant

How to Make DIY Leather Diffuser Earrings (VIDEO)

Now, the only question is… which pair? And which oil to use? The possibilities are endless!

Leather earrings with Manuka essential oil

If you make the earrings, let me know by tagging me on Instagram! And if you love this tutorial, Pin it so your friends see it too.

how to make DIY leather teardrop earrings as essential oil diffuser jewelry
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