DIY {Neon} Reusable Market Tote


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Neon tank tops.  Did I strike fear in your heart yet?  Wait, wait… don’t leave.  See what I made with one?

Oh yes I did.  😉

As a child of the 80’s, seeing neon brings back fond cringe-worthy memories of two inch high bangs.  Neon is hot once again, but thankfully I grew out my bangs years ago so there’s no chance they’ll stray that high off my head ever again.  I HOPE.

I want to love neon again.  After all, it’s a happy color.

When I spotted this tank top at Michaels on sale for $6 (minus 20%, woohoo) it also made me… happy.

Because I didn’t see a summer shirt.  I saw this:

Friends, this took about 10 minutes to put together.  I literally “whipped it up,” not just fake whipped it up where I pretend it was easy when it really took two hours.

Which I never do, promise.  But isn’t it funny when you see that on blogs and it’s like a seven layer rainbow cake they quickly “whipped up?”  That always makes me smile!  And then feel badly about myself.  But mostly smile.

tank top (new, used, doesn’t matter!  just as long as you like the fabric)
sewing machine (you can use needle/thread, too, but it’ll take longer than 10 minutes)


1.  Turn the tank top inside out.

2.  Decide how long you want the bag.  I snipped off a few inches from bottom of the tank top, straight across.

3.  Pin the two sides together–

and sew them.  I went across twice, the first time with a zig zag stitch and the other with a straight stitch right above.  That seems to hold it together nicely, the bottom is very sturdy!

4.  Now turn it right side out again, and that’s it!  Use it to hold your groceries, books, stacks of  cash (go on with your bad self!) or whatever you please.

I use mine to cart around fresh baguettes, just-picked flowers and organic produce.  Haha!  Okay, sometimes I might but in this photo it’s a loaf of bread still partially in the wrapper and two bags of Pirate Booty.  Keeping it real over here!

As for that two inch circle of fabric I snipped off the bottom, simply loop twice and turn it into a headband.

Next up?  Scrunchies.  Just kidding!

There you go.  I’ve done it.  I’ve embraced neon.

But if you catch me in legwarmers, I give you permission to call the A-Team and have me gagged with a spoon.  Although, shhhh, I do think these are kinda hot.

What’s your take on neon?  Have room for another {trendy} reusable bag in your life?  And please tell me you had a gnarly hairdo in the 80s, too?
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  1. Super cute. I mean the bag, not the shirt. Funny they are from the same family.

  2. LOVE it! I really loved neon back in high school in the 80s. It was not at all attractive. I love this idea of a market bag and it really does look easy! Thanks!

  3. What a cute idea!! Love it!
    Neon makes me cringe….I have a little one in my house that wants ALL neon stuff lately and it’s tough to keep my mouth shut on her sense of style! ha! 😉

  4. Neat! I’m loving the neon trend. Especially in Tangerine! Pink is gorgeous too! cheers,

  5. Love it. I am going to try this. My daughter always wants new bags. I think I willtry it with a tank top she grows out of.

  6. This tank top was obviously born to be a bag! And I love what you said about “whipping it up.” I’m always skeptical when bloggers say that. 🙂

  7. LOVE THIS!!! I’m totally with you on the “whipping something up” deal. So annoying. This, however, is TOTALLY doable and I am going to try it the next time I see a cute tank at Goodwill!

  8. This is seriously the smartest thing ever!! I love it! I am terrible at sewing, but this I can do. And I have the perfect tank in my closet right now…with a hole in it. Never had the heart to throw it away…now I don’t have to. THANKS!! 🙂

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