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I should have titled this post ‘Confessions of a Kids’ Clothing Hoarder’ but The Google wouldn’t like that so let’s call it like it is: Carrie’s Free Printable Kids’ Clothing Inventory for Reformed Hoarders.  Or something like that.  The truth is, I’m a total sucker for cute kids’ clothes and great deals.  And also consignment sales.  And also Gymboree.  Possibly BabyGap as well.  Okay, definitely BabyGap.  Also CrewCuts, though it hurts when I watch my kids drop chocolate ice cream on one of those.

Let’s whirl that addiction with the fact my kids are very slow growers and you’ve got a problem.  I’ve been stocking up on 4T clothes since my daughter was 3 years old, and now that’s she’s 5 that size is STILL too big.  My 3 year old is still in 2T, so my stockpiles of saved clothes are overflowing.  I finally realized I needed a way to track what they already have (because they’ll probably be able to wear it the following year, too) plus what I’ve already bought and figure out the holes so I know what to buy when I see it at a great price or at a consignment sale.

Free Printable: Kids Clothing Inventory
I have WAY too much stocked up for Summer 2014!

When I posted my shame list on Instagram, I got a lot of questions about how much of each category to buy.  Today I’ll share my ideal kids’ clothing allotment and solicit your opinions for how you handle how much of each item you need as well.  Here’s my dirty little secret: I rarely pay more than $4 per item of clothing (even new), and I pretty much only buy name brand clothing.  That just comes from my consignment sale shopping, religious stalking of Gymboree, and living close to some pretty great outlets.  Plus a kids clothes shopping addiction.


->  Click this link to print the free kids’ clothing inventory printable. <-


Kid's Clothing Inventory printable

Helpful Hints:

  • Print out one list for each child for each clothing season (fall/winter and spring/summer) and carry it folded in your purse.  That way, if you spot something great you can check the list to see if you should buy it.  I have two kids, so that means four lists total.
  • If (WHEN) I do buy something, I’ll mark it immediately on the list.  Like, while in the checkout line.  Otherwise I’ll forget.
  • List the things you NEED on the back, and cross them off as you find them.  That way, you have a ready made list when it’s time to hit the consignment sales or redeem your Gymbucks.

Now, about how much of each category to buy.  That varies greatly with the child, your lifestyle, your climate, and whether or not your kids like chocolate ice cream, refuse to wear a bib, and/or have reflux.  Not that I know anything about any of that.

OKAY.  I know everything about all of that.

Here’s my general rule of thumb, keeping in mind I’m a clothes hoarder and do tend to overbuy.  Plus my daughter has wicked reflux and my son apparently is a dirt magnet (truly, I changed his clothes at least twice a day all summer long).

  • Shirts and Bottoms: 14 of each (I like to have two weeks worth of each in case I can’t do the laundry that week, we have a hurricane, we’re traveling, the kids are sick, etc.)
  • Dresses/ Dressy Clothes:  one fancy holiday dress, one dressier holiday outfit, two casual dresses for church or special occasions, and no skirts because my daughter refuses to wear them.  {wink}
  • Swimsuits: 1-3, depending on how often you go to the pool/beach.  We go to the pool A LOT, so need a healthy rotation of them.
  • Outerwear: one heavy jacket, one light jacket, one rain jacket, a cardigan (for girls, to layer over tees and dresses), and a sweatshirt
  • Pajamas: about 10 pairs, they wear a different one each night but I know some people rewear them for a few nights in a row
  • Underwear: 10-14 pairs, unless you are potty training a boy, then probably 73 pairs.  😉
  • Shoes: one pair of play sneakers, one pair of school sneakers, one pair of dressy shoes, and one pair of rain and/or snow boots. In the winter, a pair of slippers (we LOVE the L.L. Bean ones).  In the summer my kids LIVE in their Keens– best. investment. ever.
  • Socks: 10-14 pairs, because some inevitably go missing

Having the kids’ clothing inventory on hand has been a huge time and money saver for me.  Suddenly, I’m only buying the BEST of the BEST because I know what I need and don’t want to waste it on that top I only kinda sorta like.  At a recent consignment sale, I spend HALF of what I normally spend– I knew I didn’t need much, so I could spend a bit more on the best things.  Holla, Lily Pulitzer dresses and a gorge Hartstrings outfit for the holidays!

Amazing thrift store find- this $3 Boden sweater~
Shhhh… don’t tell anyone I’m wearing a $3 Mini Boden sweater from a thrift store!

What did I forget on that list?  Am I way overboard, just right, or totally depriving my kids?  Anyone else a clothes hoarder or am I the only one lured in by the sale rack, Gymbucks, and a great consignment sale?  I hope the list helps you too, let me know if you use it!

{Free Printable: Kids’ Clothing Inventory is linking up with: Crystal & Co. | Nifty Thrifty Sunday |The 36th Avenue}

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  1. Love that sweater, I would put sweaters like that on my boys when they were younger. I love the check list idea, I need it.

  2. I have two boys who are taking turns growing in spurts, so this list will come in SUPER handy for taking inventory (and the 72 pairs of underwear is RIGHT ON haha)!

    My plan is to go through everything they have and get rid of all the stuff that’s too short in the leg or sleeve and then I’ll have a base to know what I need to replace.

    Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you can use it, and also that I’m not alone in the 72 pairs of underwear club! 😉

  3. Thank you! I have so much hand me downs too. I’ve missed out on my daughter wearing some of the clothes because of seasons or not having them organized good enough

  4. I’m a hoarder, too! I practice “future buying” when I see a good sale, and it drives my husband bonkers ;). This list will be helpful for us, I have a slow growing 3yo girl who will soon share a closet with her infant brother. Oh boy, I dream about everything in their closet just magically coordinating, when I have that odd neon top that goes with nothing. I’m curious what you do with storing outgrown stuff? Do you just let it go, or do you keep? Our baby making door is still open, so I struggle with purging the 8 large bins of girl stuff…

    1. Our Baby Making Door is very very CLOSED, so that makes it easy for me! 😉 I keep the best things as keepsakes or to hand down to a future niece, and the rest goes to consignment sales or friends. If we weren’t sure if we were going to have more, I’d weed through what we did have and keep enough for about 2 weeks of wear or special outfits and donate the stuff that you don’t love or need. That way, if (when?) a new baby comes along you’ll have enough basics but can still splurge here and there for something new for the little one. At one point I was keeping EVERYTHING to hand down to future nieces but I just ran out of room and has to reel myself back in a bit. I totally understand the 8 bins of girls stuff; it’s hard to let it go!

  5. $3 for that sweater!! That is as awesome as that swimsuit and hat. I need to thrift shop, where do you go?? As for this list…I think I might be afraid to write it all down for fear of seeing that I bought way too much. I am like you with the 10 pjs each (at least)

  6. Wow! This is such a great idea. Recently we have gotten a lot of clothing donated for our twins and they still need a few things. I like the idea of a clothing inventory so I can keep track of what we have and know what we need. I am an electric gadget girl so I am going to copy your list to Evernote and keep on on my tablet and phone. What a great idea!!!!

  7. I too am a children’s clothes hoarder. My 3 year old son has more clothes than I do. It’s so bad that I seriously have clothes for him in size 14/16 (I figure I can’t go wrong with Buckeyes team apparel… as long as they don’t change their logo or anything too drastically). And I am with you that I very rarely pay over $4 for anything. I love shopping Goodwill, and I work part time at Once Upon A Child (kid’s resale shop), so it comes easily.

    I am also due with baby #2 here in a couple of weeks, but we did not find out what we are having. I have a nice stockpile in both genders just in case. LOL. Again, clothes hoarder!!

    1. I can totally relate to that!! I haven’t bought that far ahead… YET… but if I saw some Red Sox gear then I’d totally get it in size 14–ha! Working in a kid’s resale shop would be my DOWNFALL. You must have more willpower than me!

  8. Pingback: Staying On Budget With Growing Kids {How to Get Great Deals on Great Clothes} | Stapler Confessions
  9. Thanks for sharing this great printable, I have been looking for something to keep my kids clothes hoarding organized!! I figure if it’s organized, then it can’t be considered hoarding right?! Just smart shopping 🙂 And yes, I’m with you on the PJ’s…different pair every night! Thanks again for sharing.

  10. I like to stock pile clothes for my 4 children, but I was never sure about how much to stock pile. Thank you for sharing your list. Very helpful!

  11. I have done something similar for the past few years, but I’m glad you put up a template for me to print off. It’s very well thought-out and concise, unlike my list, which I always try to fit onto one page for THREE kids (I know, I’m silly). One page per kid, per season is brilliant.

    And, yes, I clothes hoard, too. I keep the 0-2T layette for both genders, but move out the clothes that either a) won’t be used in 2 years or b) have gone through two kids, and are thus played out or out of fashion.

  12. This is AMAZING. I have been SO lucky being that I am 39 and just recently had baby #1 (going to be 2)…and all of my friends kids are much older. So I really lucked out with hand me downs from friends! However, after 2 years of needing to buy practicly nothing, I’m starting to notice that (I’m assuming) the older the kids get, the less likely their clothes are going to stay clean enough to”pass down”. So I am slowly preparing my brain for this luxury to end lol. This list will be a tremendous help! I absolutly LOVE thrifting. Other than Poshmark and Offer Up where do you go to buy your/your kids clothes? I beleive I saw an earlier comment about the red sox…so I don’t think we live too far from one another (I’m just over the border in NH). I’ve been dying to find a thrift store where I can buy “boutique” style clothing in hopes that I can re-thrift once done? If anyone has any idea’s feel free to let me know :-O)

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