Fall Inspiration: Gingko Leaves

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Gingko leaves and branches have been an up-and-coming trend this year, and I’ve been seeing them all over the home decor scene this autumn. They’re also a part of my personal folklore, a tongue-in-cheek reminder of my college years.  The gorgeous ginkgo trees that lined the main walkway of my university (the same place where I met my darling husband) would turn a stunning gold each autumn.  The FUNNY part is that they also drop the most foul smelling berries in the history of berries.  Stepping on one of those puppies could ruin your day– or at least force an outfit change.  Seriously.  Foul.  Yet, so pretty.  Like pretty dog poop.  Which doesn’t exist.  But, similar to ginkgo berries.

Despite the stink, they ARE lovely.  Plus it’s a reminder for us as a couple of those fun years at our mutual alma mater.  I’ve rounded up a few ginkgo inspired looks so you can enjoy the beauty without the smell.  YOU’RE WELCOME.

Gorgeous Ginkgo Leaf Home Decor Ideas for Fall!

Gold Ginkgo Leaf Knob

I bought one of these sweet gold ginkgo knobs from Anthropology for our coat closet.  It’s cliche, but every time I touch it, it gives me a little bit of the happy. 😉

gold ginkgo leaf knob

Despite the awkward photo, you can kinda see how it greets our college friends with a knowing wink, as if to invite them for a round of beer pong.

gold ginkgo leaf knob

Carved Ginkgo Leaf Pumpkin

Probably not in the history of my life would I ever have the patience or skill to carve a pumpkin in this manner.  But I can dream of the day…

Ginkgo_pumpkinSource: Martha Stewart

Faux Ginkgo Branches

This would be perfect to put inside a vase for easy trendy fall decor.

Ginkgo_leavesSource: Pier 1

Red Ginkgo Mug

For sipping your coffee on chilly fall mornings.

Ginkgo_mugSource: Etsy – Kristin Robran Pottery

Ginkgo Sticky Notes

Yes, friends, those are post-it notes.  Love.

Ginkgo_notesSource: Een Nieuw Avontuur

Ginkgo Hooked Pillow

Check out that stunning color combo!

Ginkgo_pillowSource: Home Decorators Collection

Abstract Ginkgo Rug

With a bold pattern and navy/gold colors– I might even get my husband on board with this one…

Ginkgo_RugSource: Anthropologie

Or go with this color combination.  More neutral, but just as pretty.

Ginkgo_Rug3Source: Anthropologie

Ginkgo… Scarf?  Pillow?  Anyone speak German?

I have no idea what this is because it’s in another language, but I’m going to pretend it’s a scarf and then go covet it because I’m in lurve with the simple design and soft monochromatic colors.

Ginkgo_scarf Source: Textile Ideen

Ginkgo Notecards

hello, I love ginkgos.  xo, me.

Ginkgo_stationerySource: Joss & Main

Ginkgo Stepping Stone

I could totally see this in our yard, a declaration for our love of stinky berries.

Ginkgo_stepping_stoneSource: Hayneedle.com

Circle of Ginkgos Print

This is simply perfection.  By the time you’re reading this, I’ve probably already bought one.
Ginkgo1Source: Etsy – Bold & Noble

Paper Ginkgo Art

Another foreign language.  Ack.  If only I could read German.  Or Swedish?  Someone school me!

Ginkgo2Source: Les Tissus Colbert

What do you think– did I convert you to the dark side of loving ginkgos too?  Was there a favorite among the bunch, or are you on the fence and not quite willing to love a tree full of such conflicting emotions?

Gorgeous Ginkgo Leaf Home Decor Ideas for Fall!

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