How Cute is my Mom?!

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You know, I wasn’t a very good student when I was younger.

I was a daydreamer (shocker, right?) and basic math skills– even to this day– elude me.  I loved to read but was too shy to read well aloud.  Combine those factors and I often felt less-than-confident as a student.

Thank goodness for my Mom.  As an artist herself, she saw how much I loved working with my hands and encouraged that creative process– by having supplies readily available, exposing me to museums, sending me to classes, and generally praising me even though I don’t have natural talent as an artist whatsoever!

But I digress.  That’s just a little backstory so I could share with you these cards she made.

She used vintage fabric, fine art paper, and antique buttons to create these beauties.

When she visited over Thanksgiving, she brought a stack of cards (each one different) and gave them away.  She contemplated selling them but “only her friends would buy them,” so she handed them out to my sister and I, and really anyone within reach.

I couldn’t resist sharing them here, because they are too darling to keep under wraps.

Mom, thanks for always encouraging me and making me feel special.  Thanks for nurturing my creativity, even when it was messy and I quite obviously don’t have the artistic skills to match my ideas!

As for your cards, I’m resisting every urge to list them on Etsy for you.  😉

It warms my heart the way she brings special supplies and does art with Noodle {the ink did come out of her t-shirt, yay!}  Mom, the world is a more beautiful place with your art {and you} in it, and I’m so thankful I’ll always have these “pieces of you” in my life.  Thanks for encouraging me, and now it’s my turn to encourage you– make more of these cards.  I’ll buy all of them.  😉



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