Put a Bird (in) It


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By now I’m sure you’ve seen Put a Bird on It.

{if not, go NOW and see it. Hilarious. Thanks to J for sending the clip a few weeks ago; it made my day!  And it might be me, but I really DO think the things in the video look better with birds on them.}

Here’s the thing about birds, and why we tend to put a bird on it. They are happy.  They do not worry. They are a sign that the earth is waking up and life returning after a {brutal} winter.  My forsythia may be stubbornly hiding in their buds– you can do it, forsythia! You’re so close!— but the birds are back and tell me that it really is spring.  Despite the fact I saw snow here a few days ago.

Robins have been hopping around our yard and entrancing Noodle as she stares out the window.  My poor little nature girl so desperately wants to go out, but it’s just. so. cold.  She has been putting on her boots and begging for her jacket, but it’s too cold for the Bee so we are stuck inside.

“Brrr, cold!  Abby JACKET!  Abby BOOTS!  Mama, Abby OUTSIDE!!!”

Maybe it’s the Mr. Potato Head glasses, but it’s just not the same riding your car inside as on the “open road” of our driveway.

Even Bee feels the call of the wild.
Or maybe he just likes licking the glass?

Which is why I knew exactly what this little frame needed (snagged on sale for $1.25, thankyouverymuch).  I needed to put a bird in it.

I chose a color that would pop, but it got covered by the raffia so you can’t see the bright pink.  I might re-mat it with that color later, it’s so bold and pretty!  But until then, we have a barely visual magenta as a background behind the nest.

As for the eggs, I was going to use tissue paper formed into eggs but when I was poking around my supplies I found some turquoise beads left over from another project and they were the perfect size and shade.

Next, the nest.  I twirled up some raffia and stuck it in the shadow box.  I added in the “eggs”, then twirled more raffia in.

Using tape, I secured the back and woot– a nest.  Nuzzling sweet little “eggs”.

I’ve moved it around my house and seeing that tiny sign of spring makes me inexplicably happy.  Maybe it’s because you can put a bird in it.  😉

What is a sure sign of spring around your home or corner of the world?  I’ve lived in Mass, PA, and North Carolina and they all differ.  I’d love to hear what little things mean “spring” to you!

{I’ve linked this to one of my all-time-favorite bloggers– Centsational Girl’s– Spring Link Party.  If you need to see some spring things, go there!  So fresh and happy!  Thanks for hosting, Kate.}

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