How to Clean Stainless Steel {Steel Meister Review}

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Once upon a time, I had a dream.  And that dream included having a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances.  Slowly, as each of our kitchen appliances conked out we replaced them with stainless steel.  Sure, I lived with mismatched appliances for awhile but I had my eye on future– and that future included a gleaming stove, fridge, and dishwasher.  Plus toaster, bread box, and grill (I have issues).  Finally, after pushing each of my old appliances to their limit I was in a kitchen full of stainless steel goodness– until I discovered stainless steel’s dirty secret: FINGERPRINTS.

Like a crime lab, my appliances picked up dirt and fingerprints like nobody’s business.  In fact, last week I used an all purpose cleaner to clean my fridge and just 4 days later it looked like this:


I realize this is a first world problem, fingerprints on my appliances.  But I know many families are unsure of how to clean stainless steel and live with stubborn stains.  In fact, recently at a party a friend was lamenting the hard water stains on her water dispenser.  Here’s how mine looks, a white water stain that refuses to go anywhere:


I have a houseful of guests arriving for Thanksgiving next week, so spotted and grubby appliances just won’t work for me!  In fact, I’m not just hosting the Thanksgiving meal but also several guests for over a week.  Such a blessing; my kids can’t wait to see their cousin, aunt, uncle, and grandparents.  And neither can I.  My goal is to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with my family.  Anything I can do to move closer to that goal is HUGE for me.  To prepare, cleaning the fridge and kitchen is high on my list because it’s going to be a bit crazy with all those mouths to feed.  Who wants to see a grimy fridge while doling out food?  Not I!

Spanikopita.  Pies.  Mashed potatoes.  Stuffing.  Turkey.  Popovers.  This kitchen is going to see a wild week, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In other words, I need a cleaning product that will not only clean the mess I made, but help repel future messes.  Enter Steel Meister, the can of steel, which does exactly that.  I even tried to leave fingerprints after using it and couldn’t get them to stick.  This effect lasts about a week, way longer than traditional cleaners.


With holiday guests on the way, I had to do a super quick cleaning of the appliances because I’m so short on time.  I grabbed a lint-free cloth and my can of Steel Meister, and completed a quick 7 minute appliance cleaning spree.


What a difference!


The cleaning product smells like oranges.  It sprays smoothly from the can, and at first I oversprayed a bit (I’m a bit of a zealous cleaner).  A little goes a LONG way.  I was just going to do the fridge but soon the entire kitchen was gleaming.  Look, no streaks!


Remember that stubborn hard water stain?  I gave it two rounds of soaking with Steel Meister.  The first time, I sprayed and let it rest for a minute then wiped away the first layer with a cloth.  The next round I sprayed and used a non-abrasive scrub pad.  In less than a minute total the stain was gonzo.


If you’d like to try it yourself, read the Steel Meister reviews and find it exclusively in the Home Depot appliance department.  It’s not just for steel, either: you can use it on copper, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, kitchen appliances, outdoor grills, automotive trim or bathroom fixtures.

Find more cleaning ideas over on my Cleaning Tips Pinterest board, too.  If you’d like to find out more, you can follow Steel Meister and it’s parent company on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Watch out, dirty grill– your time is limited.  As soon as the sun shines again I’m heading out to tackle you head on!


Do you have stainless steel in your home or yard?  Which ones are the hardest to clean?

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