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actually, my living room’s future.  But hopefully I’ve got you hooked.

In short: I hate making decisions.  I agonize over everything from which tile to use on the fireplace to where to go for dinner to what shoes to wear that day.

After about 7,456 decisions for this living room renovation, I’m spent.

Your help and expert eye is needed.

We decided to go ahead and paint the living room because after everything was installed the walls looked drab, as well as majorly in need of touch-ups.  We assumed we’d go with a tan color, such as Rice Grain by Sherwin Williams.  I got a sample, put it on the wall, and…

… apparently we’d gotten that color matched at Home Depot when we originally painted the room, because it blended right in.  You can’t even tell where I painted it on the wall!

We then tried three other tan colors, and out of those decided on Naturel (spelled that way) from Sherwin Williams.

But it bothered me, because in a room with a light rug, tan tile, tan couches, and brown tables… would that be too dull?  It would be like eating a plate of potatoes, rice, and gravy.  With a side of oatmeal.  Bland!

The only other option that would fit with the room and house is a gray/blue.  I found Misty from Sherwin Williams, which I thought had a touch of blue but looking at the formula it doesn’t.  I never in a million years thought I’d ever consider painting a room gray.  Gray, to me, is cold.  But this particular gray, once it was on my walls, seemed… fabulous.

HOWEVER, I still was too scared to choose pure gray.  Once I noticed it didn’t have blue in it, I went back and had them add a drop of blue.  But then it was too blue, and we didn’t want a true blue in that room.  {are you ready to have me certified as “crazy” yet?}

That realization led me to try three additional gray/blues.

Are you losing count?  That’s 9 samples so far.  One we already had, one we bought and then modified, and six I spent money on that I will never get back.  My walls look like this:

You can see how the colors vary according to the location, time of day, and the way I took the photo.  Making this decision even harder, I know.

We narrowed it down to the tan that looks the best– Naturel– and the gray, Misty.

Here are some sneak peeks at the living room.  Ignore the bare wood on the cabinet doors, those will get painted white on Monday.  I’d show you more but it’s such a mess right now!

If this were your living room, what would you choose?

Please help.  I need to tell the painter by Sunday night at the latest.  Before they certify me as crazy.

{on a side note, anyone in the area need some samples of blue or tan paint?  🙂 }
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