DIY All-Natural Hair Detangling Spray (Homemade Hair Detangler)

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You’re going to love this essential oil infused DIY hair detangler spray that’s perfect for daily use on all types of hair! A bonus video shows you how to make this homemade hair detangler which works on even the most matted hair and toughest tangles. The best part is it’s ALL NATURAL without any yucky chemicals, and the essential oils support healthy, shiny hair.

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I wrote this post about the best DIY hair detangling spray SIX YEARS AGO, and we are STILL making and using this blessed recipe for detangling hair today! The only reason I’m updating it is to add a video and new images… it’s still the same incredible mix of natural ingredients and essential oils.

To think that previously I was spraying the fake strawberry-scented chemical crap on my baby girl, a spray filled with ingredients such as Behentrimonium Methosulfaste, Dimonium Chloride, and Cetearyl Alchol. You know what’s in her spray now? Water, all-natural vegetable derived glycerin, and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. THAT’S IT.

hair detangling spray bottle

Yup, six years later and I can honestly it works like magic. As an added bonus? IT REPELS CRITTERS. And I’m not talking about squirrels, you know which critters I’m talking about, right? My daughter is now in sixth grade, and this has been part of her morning routine every single and IT WORKS.

Make your own detangling spray

How Do You Make The DIY Hair Detangling Spray? (VIDEO)

How Do You Make the DIY Hair Detangler Spray? (RECIPE)

It couldn’t be simpler to make. Add the following to a 4 oz. glass spray bottle:

1 TB vegetable glycerin

6 drops Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil)

6 drops Rosemary essential oil

6 drops Lavender essential oil

optional: a few drops of Peppermint oil or another favorite scent

Then add water to the top. Shake before using each time, then spray and brush. You’ll be amazed at what just a few drops can do!

As for which brand of essential oils to use, there is only one that I use and recommend. Please be careful when buying essential oils because many cheap brands are cut with chemicals or aren’t grown ethically and organically. I’ve personally visited the Young Living farms and watched the distillation process first-hand, it’s the only brand I’ll allow my family to use– and I’m giving you a free gift to get started with it too!

Add a cute label, and there you go. Ready for daily use!

hair detangling spray with brush


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My daughter has thin, easily tangled hair so this mix works beautifully for us. If your child has really thick hair, I’ve heard adding a little Aloe juice is helpful too. I haven’t noticed any build-up either, unlike the commercial sprays we were using.

hands holding detangler spray

More Tips for Tangle-Free Hair

If you’re child has serious bed-head, I’ve found the following two items super helpful as well.

SpaSilk Silk Pillowcase:

Silk pillowcase to prevent breakage

We’ve been using these for YEARS and I’m a believer! No more pillowcase lines on our faces and our hair is MUCH easier to deal with in the morning. They’re not very expensive, either.

The Wet Brush:

The amazing Wet Brush

Fantastic brush for painlessly getting out tangles. Both my daughter and I use these and they’re amazing, especially when combined with the detangling spay.

where to find supplies

There you have it! An all-natural critter repelling detangling spray that has been our go-to for YEARS, plus a few other tips for tangle-free hair.

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