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Good, True & Beautiful
My bloggy friend Sharon at Good, True, and Beautiful has a fabulous weekly feature called “Just for the Joy of It”.  I’ve always wanted to join in the fun but never had a chance to put a post together.  Then, in the middle of our difficult month, I captured a few images that seemed to spell out the way my little family had managed to make lemonade from some pretty sour lemons.

This month I’m squirreled away in a hotel with my daughter while my husband juggles taking care of work and commuting a few hours out to see us every chance he can get.  Our days are spent in an intense feeding clinic, and our nights are spent… like this:

Carrying around an empty cooler (don’t know why this is fun, but apparently it is):

playing at the local park


jumping off of daddy:

…and more swimming…

trying on daddy’s hat

watching the world go by outside our window

smearing mashed potatoes on our face

learning a new crinkle smile

and snuggling babies.

Plus much more, including sitting by the fireplace in our hotel room.  It’s the little things, right?  So there you have it, some photos from the past two weeks… just for the JOY of it!

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  1. What a sweet little girl you have! I can just imagine all the joy she’s bringing you!!! Some of those pictures reminded the experiences I have with my own 3 children. Love her little crinkled nose smile! SWEET

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! She’s adorable!

    It’s so funny what they can make toys out of. My kids have all loved empty water bottle and socks. Go figure.

    Such a great blog! Stopping by from Just for the Joy of It.

  3. So, so precious! Found my way here through Just for the Joy. My son’s current favorite unusual toy is a yellow handled (real!) screwdriver. Dangerous! I keep taking that screwdriver away and hiding it but he just keeps on finding it. Cute little stinker!

  4. Wow Carrie, you’ve got a hard month to survive! I know it’s worth it and that you’ll persevere through it all, but I’ll be praying for you (and the rest of the family!) through this time. I’m really glad you found some joyful moments in the midst of it all!

    Hang in there

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