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You probably know we just spent a month at a feeding clinic.  What you might not know is WHERE the clinic was.  I put a clue out there, and a few people guessed it.  It was the sweetest place on earth: Hershey, PA!

Hershey is a wonderful town famous for it’s Hershey plant(s).  It’s also home to Hershey Park, Hershey Gardens, Chocolate World, ZooAmerica, and so much more.  Lots to do for such a small place!  We didn’t get to do much because it was off-season, but we did hit Chocolate World {twice} and the Castle Playground.

I also spent some time at Crossroads Antique Mall:

Let’s not even talk about the outlets. 

Of course there was also the pool at our hotel, a favorite of Ms. Noodle.  She learned the word “pool” VERY quickly, and signed the word “more” every time she heard it!

As for our daily commute, here it is 
(in terrible photos, taken out the car window on the last day we were there):

Take a left out of the hotel driveway in front of the outlets (yes, they were within walking distance… a dangerous, dangerous thing).

Our Hotel (HIGHLY recommended!)
The hotel driveway… with outlets straight ahead.

Drive through Dunkin Donuts for a hot chocolate and bagel.

Take a left at the roller coasters.

Drive between the amusement park and zoo, but under the monorail.

Take a right onto Chocolate Avenue.

Drive straight down a street that is literally lined with chocolate {kisses– in the form of lightposts}.

Keep going past the Reeses’ plant.

Turn left at Hershey Lodge, and we are just about at the clinic.

Park, get out of car, and sniff the air.  Yes, that is CHOCOLATE you smell on windy days.  Well, most windy days.  I won’t go into details about the days they fertilize the fields that surround the town.  If you live in central PA, that’s a smell you know really well.

How’s THAT for a daily commute?  It made the whole experience a little more… yes, sweet.  Except for those fertilizing days.  Then it was just okay.

By the way, can you imagine a better (or maybe, WORSE) place to be for a pregnant lady than a town built on chocolate???  Temptation was everywhere.

Are you a chocolate lover?  If so, what is your favorite Hershey’s product?  I have to admit, I enjoyed a few plain old Hershey bars the most.  And maybe some York Peppermint Patties, also made by Hershey.  Certainly it wasn’t me that ate the whole bag of them.  (shhhhhhh…..)

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