{Guest Blogger} Appliqued Baby Clothes Tutorial

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Did you ever read a blog and think “this one is REALLY going to take off soon!”?  That’s what Joanne’s blog, Ready, Set, Craft, is like.  Packed with great ideas, features, and yummy “cupkins”, it’s a blog all you crafty and DIY types will love.  I so excited she’s here to give us a tutorial on making appliqued t-shirts and onesies.  The perfect shower gift, in my opinion!
Ready, Set, Craft
Hey, Making Lemonade readers!  I’m Joanne from Ready, Set, Craft! and I am thrilled to be here guest posting today during The Stork Report.


I don’t have kids of my own (yet!) but I have LOTS of friends who have had babies in the past couple of years, so I feel like I’m almost always working on baby shower gifts and planning.  Although there are some super cute baby clothing lines out there… unfortunately a lot of it is very expensive, not long-lasting, and kind of generic.  One of the things I love to do for a baby shower or baby birthday gift is to get creative and embellish plain tees or onesies with my own appliques.
I’m sharing my applique tutorial with you today… I hope that you enjoy it!


Appliqued Baby Clothes Tutorial, by Joanne @ Ready, Set, Craft!
Appliqued baby clothes


Supplies:  Basic onesie or tee shirt, 1/4 yard (or less!) of fabric, coordinating thread, no-sew iron-on adhesive, fabric scissors, fray check, needle.


Step 1:  Choose your fabric.  Pick something that has easy shapes to cut out and make appliques from.  This fabric is perfect – you can use the square shapes as your guide.
Cute cat fabric for your project

Step 2:  Iron on a piece of no-sew to the back of your fabric.  I always make a bunch more appliques than I need for a project, so that they’re ready to go the next time I need to make a gift on the fly!

 No sew adhesive

Step 3:  Cut out your appliques, and dab some fray-check onto the edges to prevent fraying.

 Cut out your fabric and appliques

Step 4:  Position your appliques on your shirt (I used an 18-24 month baby tee), remove backing and iron them on.

 Fabric applique on a girl's shirt


Step 5:  Sew around the edges with your sewing machine (or by hand if you’re feeling brave!)  They don’t need to be perfectly straight… it all adds to the charm!  : )
Stitch the edges of the squares and designs


Step 6:  Flip the shirt inside out and using a needle, pull the loose ends through to the back of the shirt.


Flip the shirt inside out and stitch in the thread


Step 7:  Thread the needle with the loose threads and sew them into the machine stitches.  Cut the ends and dab on some more fray check to hold in place.



After the fray check is dry, turn inside out and you’re done!  A super cute AND inexpensive shirt that is sure to get “oooh’s” and “aaah’s” at the baby shower.  Thanks so much for having me, Carrie!
Cute and inexpensive shirt


Doesn’t she make it seem so easy?  Thanks, Joanne, for the great tutorial.  I have a feeling my fertile friends will be getting these at their next baby shower!  If you don’t have the time to make your own appliqued shirts, here’s a hint– we *just might* be featuring an Etsy shop for a giveaway next week that does this for you.  But that’s all you are getting out of me until Monday.  😉
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