Noodle’s Big Girl Room Makeover! #GliddenTesters

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First of all, I’m in awe at how a little paint, a few hours of time, and some accessories can totally transform a room.  In less than a week and for under $175 this room turned from a nursery with some tough memories to a fresh and BOLD new start!

Let’s take a step back in time.  Here’s what the room looked before we moved in, with the previous owner’s furniture (and partially mirrored bookcase).  ::shudder::

Then it became a craft/storage room.

When I became pregnant, it turned into a  bird-themed nursery for Noodle.

And now, just 6 years after moving in to this home, it’s undergone it’s fourth transition.  I still have quite a few touches to add (read all the way through to see what’s in store), but “phase one” is now complete.  Introducing… drum roll please… Noodle’s Big Girl Room!

took this photo from the hallway, see how it glows?
come on in! 

I have to be honest, in the beginning I thought I was pulling for True Turquoise.  But a whopping 59 people voted on what color to paint this room, and 30 of you chose Misty Aqua.  {I love you if you voted, no matter which color you picked}!

As much as I liked it, the Misty Aqua looked quite minty when I first put it on the wall.  Tentatively I cut in around the trim and windows with the color.  Taking a deep breath and assuring myself it would look fine, I grabbed the roller and covered huge chunks of wall space in the aqua.  I rolled and rolled and rolled, finally stepping back to see what I thought.

Ya’ll, I fell in LOVE.

Once the color dried it settled into a beautiful shade of almost-Tiffany box blue.  The painting went quickly since Glidden has primer in the paint, and so after two coats I was D-O-N-E.

Then I started stressing about the stripe on the wall.  It felt like an episode on HGTV, I was pulling out swatches and muttering things like, “I could go with something in the same color family, like the True Turquoise.  Possibly a contrasting shade like fuschia or melon.  There’s also a complimentary shade next to blue on the color wheel like green.  Or, a classic white.  Like the satin bow on a Tiffany box.”

This one kept me up at night.  {yes, I’m a nutcase}.

Thankfully it dawned on me that it’s just paint.  If I didn’t like it, it would take $12 and two hours to fix.  With that in mind, I decided on Apricot Nectar from Glidden (at Walmart).  Bold?  Yes!  I’m moving out of my neutral zone, and went bold.  Hey, if I don’t like it, it’s just paint.

I also realized the color of the stripe would look great on the back of the bookcase.  I still have some painting to do in order to clean up the white trim on the bookcase and everywhere else in the room, but for now, I’m basking in the {aqua and melon} glow of this room.

First up is her dresser.  Now that she’s potty trained (WOOT!) we took off the changing pad and it’s finally a true dresser.

I snagged this lantern/bird cage thing a few months ago.  It’s HUGE, and was in the clearance aisle, and I had to have it!  Just need to hang it somewhere in here.  Soon.  The modern lamp (in the above photos, it’s not in the one below) has been living the past few years in the guest room.  We have lighting issues in this room, so I moved it in here and it works great.  Plus it’s practically unbreakable.  BONUS.

This frame-turned-bow hanger (I guest posted the tutorial here) is finally out of the kick-zone now that the changing pad is gone.

I found these great melamine plates at Acme for under $2 each, and one sits here to hold miscellaneous {girlie} things.  The others will get hung on her wall when I start that project.

I rehung the lanterns from her previous room, they matched the blue!  They’re a good placeholder until I get a white frame gallery going on this wall.  Note to my friend C.V.- won’t they make great hot air balloons if I can find little baskets to hang below?

Moving on to the other side, we have to address the elephant in the room: the BED.  I call it “the elephant” because it’s HUGE!

For the bedding, I found this great duvet cover for $79 (aren’t duvet covers amazing, what an inexpensive way to change the entire look of a room}.  The bike pillow shams are totally inappropriate because below the bikes they say “Free Ride.”  But I loved them, so decided I’ll cover up the double entendre with a fringe of ribbon across the words.

The bed’s pretty tall, since I miscalculated how high the mattress would be.  A step stool makes it easier to get up there, and *if* she starts sleeping in here (oh please!) we’ll move her bed rail in too.

Can you believe the bunting on the wall was FREE?  I won them in a giveaway on Natalie’s Sentiments.  Once the frames go up (see below) I’ll move them to another part of the room.

even Bee loved them  😉

Here’s her very own reading nook.

These turquoise trellis pillows (they are reversible, the other side has a larger pattern) were a perfect fit.  I bought them two months ago, that’s how long I’ve been coveting this color!  For $7 each, they cozy up this reading corner.

this vintage rocking chair used to be yellow with painted deer, I did a makeover on it over the winter– read about it here!
Those clouds are chalkboard stickers, found on clearance for $1!  They look a little dark-cloud-ish, but once we start using chalk on them they’ll brighten right up.  I’m thinking we can write favorite book titles, sight words, and Noodle’s current obsession: the ABCs.

Next, the bookcase.

The “ABBY” letters needed to stay, I worked so hard on them and Abby (ooops, Noodle) loves to spell out her name while pointing to them.  So I simply added nails onto the bookcase instead of the wall, very easy to do!


This framed photo sits on a shelf between two vintage bookends.  Can you believe my little sweetie used to wear a tube taped to her face?  And yet, see how much she loves life?  Such a strong little girl.

Check out this sagging shelf.  We sure do love books around here!

Here’s a librarian tip: use rubber shelf liner (picked up at the Dollar Store) to keep books from slipping.

These sweet birdies in a nest were hand-knit by friends and given to me at my baby shower.  Those same birdies held up her tubes in the NICU, and now they watch out for her from this shelf when she’s not playing “mama bird, baby bird” with them.  I love that game.

The back of her door holds stuffed animals, shoes, and other “essentials”.

Proof of my messy painting.  The poor bear’s nose got marked when I opened the door onto wet paint!

The room has come so far, but I’m not yet done.  I have 25+ thrift store frames, prepped and ready for the temperature (and humidity, whew) to drop to proper spray painting weather to turn a nice coat of white.  I’m planning on hanging them above the stripe, in a child-proofed gallery like on House of Smiths:

For the stripe, I might try to write some of the words from Oh, The Places You’ll Go across it.  There’s a lot of great lines in that book, so if it doesn’t look too cluttered I’m going for it.

The window will soon have new curtains.  I’m pumped about this one, I’ve been eyeing the fabric at Ikea for months just waiting for a chance to use it– with a twist.   You know me enough by now I can’t just use the fabric as is, right?

There’s also an end table that didn’t make it into the photos.  At the very least I’m going to add new knobs, at the most either repaint it or find a “new to me” one at a thrift store.

Here’s my to-do list:

  • paint frames
  • hang frames
  • write words in stripe?
  • paint nightstand and add new knobs
  • sew curtains
  • sew bedskirt?
  • refurbish old toy chest and add padding/fabric to double as seating

Yeah, I should be done with it by Wednesday.  HA!  {anyone want to lend me a babysitter?}  No, this will be a “work at my own pace” project.  It’ll be done when it’s done.

I’m thrilled Noodle has a new room coming in at under budget at just $160 for everything– including paint and bedding.  Now, if I could just get her to sleep in it.  That would be GOLDEN.

As for her reaction when she saw it, in a classic “Trading Spaces” type moment:

She was thrilled.  Gosh I love that girl!

When she first turned the corner to see the reading area she said, “Mama, this looks like a classroom!” and started reading.  I asked if that was a good thing and she said, “YES!”

Then she climbed up on the bed and began to point out all the things she saw.

Next thing I knew, she was surrounded by stuffed animals.  I think the room has her seal of approval.

There you have it, “Phase One” of the Big Girl Room makeover.  So, what do you think?  Leave the stripe apricot colored?  Paint it white?  Add words from Dr. Seuss in it, or keep it plain?  You did a great job with the paint color, what say you, oh wise ones?!

 {and, am I a horrible mom for getting these pillow shams, or would you have gotten them too?}

**This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Glidden Testers/Paint and Collective Bias. You know I keep it real over here, so all opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced by anything but the product itself.**

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  1. Wow! you did an awesome job!! I loved the room before and even more now! #CBias

  2. I bet she does feel like a really big girl now. It is beautiful mom! Great job:)

  3. Truly fantastic! Also, I’m cracking up because here I thought I’d get to be one of the first comments since I’m up in the middle of the night, but I see plenty of other night owls beat me to it!

  4. I think it turned out great. I like the apricot stripe – it’s a good accent color.

  5. I love the apricot stripe. I’m not sure that I would be bold enough to try it, but I think it looks fabulous!

  6. It looks awesome. I would have never though the blue & melon would work that well, but they do! Everything is fabulous. You definitely rocked this room!

  7. Fabulous job on this room! The details are just amazing and I love the color choices. I had voted for the true turquoise too but I love the brightness of the aqua. And I totally would have gotten those shams too! 🙂

  8. It looks so cute! I wish I could redo my girls room, especially since we just moved my 2 year old into a toddler bed. But the 7 year old can’t seem to get past the stage of writing on everything – including bedding & furniture!

  9. It looks beautiful, Carrie! I love the bookshelf. And, who knew about the rubber liners holding up books? good tip!!

  10. I have found cute little baskets at the Dollar Tree. They would be perfect for baskets for the hot air balloons.

  11. It looks amazing!! We are like two peas in a pod!! I love how it turned out!! Noodle looks like she loved it too. Great Job!

  12. What a cutie! I love the reveal photos 🙂 I also love her picture frame — I’m glad it finally made it onto the wall. It took me only 18 months to get J’s on the wall. Do you want another, for Bee?

  13. Where did u find the pillow shams? We are bikers and that would fit our decor.

    1. They are from Urban Outfitters, not sure if they still have them but it’s worth looking!

    1. That came from Urban Outfitters as well. I love the pattern, but just an FYI the fabric isn’t as soft as I’d like for a child’s bed.

    1. Thanks! The bed frame was actually a convertible crib from the Stanley Young America line. I’m SO glad we invested a little extra in the crib because you can buy a conversion kit and it turns into a full sized bed. {we didn’t do that with my son’s crib because I wasn’t sure we wanted a full sized bed for him, but now I’m kicking myself because I LOVE his crib and I’ll be sad to let it go in a year when he outgrows it! It’s similar to his sisters but in a really pretty dark wood. Anyways…}

  14. I know that this is a really late comment but i love that bedding! i cant find it on urban outfitters! do you know the name of the bedding?

    1. I’m so sorry, I can’t remember the name of it. 🙁 It may be discontinued, they cycle through things very quickly on there and it was from two years ago. I’ll check the tag tomorrow and see if I can find a name or SKU number!

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