Our Favorite Outdoor Toys & Activities for Summer Fun

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Even if your summer looks different than you thought it might, your whole family can still have fun outdoors! Here are some of our favorite outdoor toys and activities for kids (and the whole family too!)

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I have been planning our summer since the beginning of the school year. Oops.

What can I say? I love summer! And so does our whole family.

Most years, our summer involves trips to the beach or other fun family day trips that seem to all be up in the air at the moment.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most out of it! Our family is getting creative this summer and I wanted to share with you some of our favorite tried and true outdoor toys and activities for kids that can be fun for everyone.

I’ve been trying to get my kids outdoors as much as possible to combat sadness that can happen right now since summer isn’t going as any of us had hoped. Exercise and sunlight are excellent mood boosters, and these toys entice the kids to get more of both.

29 Best Outdoor Toys & Activities For Kids

X-Shot Water Gun | | LED Bike Wheel | Rainbow Blob Waterslide (similar) | Hexagon Sandbox (similar) | Set of 4 Garden Tools | Gardening Bucket | Basketball Goal | Razor Scooter | Cooking Utensils Set | Sidewalk Chalk | Cornhole | Giant Bubbles Kit | Find and Seek Game | Trampoline Waterpark | Outdoor Ring Toss | Swimways Mesh Float | Blue Inflatable Round Pool | Rectangle Inflatable Pool (similar) | Inflatable Paddleboard | Camping Hammock | Camping Tent | Waterslide | Badminton Set | Spike Ball Set | Zipline Set | Mini Disc Golf Set | Rainbow Blob Waterslide (similar)

We keep joking that our yard is looking more and more like a theme park between all the water toys, hammocks, ziplines, trampolines…

Ah, well. The kids are loving it, and that’s what’s important.

Wanna see my favorite outdoor toy? I got this paddleboard for Mother’s Day last year and love it. One of the kids usually sits on the front while I stand and paddle. Yes, I’m sitting on it in this photo instead of standing up, but it’s because my son had just jumped off to swim. The best part is it’s INFLATABLE so we can inflate it right by the river and deflate before heading home!

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As we aim to get outdoors more this summer, these toys and activities are making things a little more fun.

What are your favorite ways to get your kids outdoors, and what do they love to do out there?

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