Nursery Update: Almost Done!


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and the baby will sleep… where?

Last week I started to panic about the nursery.  It still looked very much like a storage room, painted but with no furniture and lots of junk.  All of the choices I made started to bother me because I couldn’t visualize what the finished room would look like:

Are the blue walls too generic?
Is the furniture going to be too dark?
Will the outdated light fixture ever get replaced without an electrician?
The rug– is it too small for the room?

And the chair– is it too big?

But mostly my fear was: WILL I GET IT ALL DONE IN TIME?!?!

I had reason to worry.  We have less than two weeks before the baby arrives.  Plus everything has been a whirlwind as we grieve for the loss of my husband’s father.  Oh, and did I mention I’m 37 weeks pregnant and it takes me twice as long to do anything?

Thankfully this week arrived and it all came together.

::contented sigh::

Is it okay to say I’m in love?

Without giving too much away {we’ve got to save it for the “reveal”, after all!}, here’s a glimpse of what’s been finished so far:

The furniture is here– dark, but it anchors the room.   

The chair is sooooooooooo comfy.

The bookcase has been assembled– it’s smaller than I thought, but perfect for the scale of the room.  I’ve even stocked it with books and toys already.


The rug is down, and it’s the perfect “sandy” color!

The light fixture has been installed (I’m so proud of my hubby on this one!) and makes that blue shine.

The closet has been fixed, and now organized with bitty baby clothes.

Bedding has been added to the crib– wow, a baby will be sleeping here soon!

The wall color suddenly made sense now that the room has been loaded and the lighting updated.

There’s still much to do before the final reveal, but the room is primed and ready for the FUN part: the accessories!  Most of it involves hanging things on the wall.  Here’s a peek into my project list before they were repurposed:

Those projects are now DONE, with tutorials on the way.

Still to do:

*  Window treatments.

*  Hang the book rack, art project, mirror, and shelves.

*  Paint the small end table for under the window.

*  Sew bolster pillow for the glider.

*  Finish the framed art project.

*  I have an idea to make a dollar store trash can fit the “theme”.  Let’s see if it works.

Here’s my to-do list if I had about 4 more months:

*  We were going to paint wide stripes on an accent wall, but that’s been moved to the bottom of the list.  This would have been the color (we bought the paint, so it’s not out of the question that it will get done someday):

*  Also at the bottom of the list: make a crib skirt.  The crib doesn’t really need one, but it would be a great finishing touch if I find time (which I won’t, that’s why it’s at the bottom).

*  Make a quilt out of the fabric scraps to match the room.  I’d love to do this… in my dreams.

*  Figure out some sort of fun drawer pulls.  I love these nautical knots, but at $19.99  I wonder if I could make them myself…

* I had my own ideas for an interesting mobile that involved an old frame, lots of ribbon, and felted sea creatures but that’s probably not going to happen due to time constraints.  Luckily I’d bookmarked this project from The Mother Huddle, which could be finished pretty quickly and easily; now I just need to find a cool sea creature paper punch!

The to-do list is long, but the truth is a baby could live here very happily without all those things.  I’m typing the tutorials for the craft projects as I speak, and once I get those last few things finished taking photos for the full reveal!

Is there anything on your to-do list that is hanging over your head?  A home improvement project, or maybe something more urgent?  Let me know all about it, so I feel less alone {and less stressed}!
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