Double-Duty Decor: Stylish Organization Ideas That Double as Decor

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Keep your space stylish and organized! These cute organization ideas contain your stuff while dressing up your room at the same time.

If you are ready to organize your home, then you’ll definitely want to check out this Decluttering 101 Guide. It takes you step-by-step through your house so you can conquer it all. Or start small with these laundry room organization hacks.

collage of storage ideas

Keeping your home organized doesn’t have to mean using plain or boring bins and boxes. And having a beautiful home doesn’t mean you can’t have ‘stuff’ for everyday life. The truth is that you just need to be clever in how you store it.

You can have a stylish space– AND be organized — you just have to pick out home decor pieces that double as storage. I’ll walk you through the steps so you can find the pieces that best fit your needs and lifestyle below.

Pretty Storage Ideas

If you have ever watched one of those home decorating shows, then you are probably like me, drooling over the gorgeous home organization products and stunningly decorated homes.

The good news? You don’t have to be a professional organizer or interior designer to have a home that looks like you hired one.

Here’s a mantra to use when shopping for items for your home: “MAKE PRETTY CHOICES.” Even if you’re just choosing a spatula, choose the one you love. You can marry both function and form together, especially now when there are so many gorgeous options out there for just about every practical piece you may need.

There are tons of pretty storage ideas out there, and I’ve rounded up the best of them this post. All you have to do is think about which solutions will work best for you in each space, then scroll through and click “add to cart!” The hardest part is waiting for it to arrive (thank goodness for Amazon Prime.)

Decorative Storage Solutions

No matter how large or small your living space may be, it’s helpful to use storage items that work double-duty as home decor.

First, think about your design aesthetic. Are you a more bohemian, rustic farmhouse, or modern/minimalist? No matter your taste, there are decorative storage solutions that will match.

Then, think about WHAT you will be storing. You’ll want to find a solution that fits those items best. Boxes are great for corralling small pieces, and storage ottomans work well for hiding larger items like books, gaming equipment, or toys.

One quick tip: You’ll be more successful at storing your stuff if you declutter it first. If you fill these cute organization ideas with too much stuff, they will distract from the designs they are supposed to enhance.

Types of Cute Organization Ideas

When it comes to cute organization ideas that double as home decor, there are three main categories that you will find. Pick out the ones that fit the easiest in your room or area.

Furniture As Storage

Look for sofas or beds that contain bonus storage areas underneath them. On a smaller scale, pretty bar carts and ottomans can also store things while decorating your room at the same time. Guests will see the furniture, not the stuff inside of it.

Decorative Containers

From stunning white or antique bowls to clear glass containers with a lid, your closet or room will look so much better when you take things out of their cardboard boxes and store them in decorative containers. Then, the containers become part of the room’s design, not just a way to organize your stuff.

If you are trying to hold or contain a lot of loose things, consider some straw baskets. Remember to match the size of the container with what is inside of it. Use large fabric baskets for thick blankets and smaller wicker baskets for office supplies or small snacks.

Stylish Trays

Finally, beautiful trays fit nicely on a coffee table, keeping your remotes and living room decor organized.

It’s also a lovely way to keep the books you are reading contained in a decorative way that shows them off. You can also use them on kitchen or bathroom counters to make all your products look cohesive.

Double Duty Storage Pieces

Here’s a few of my current favorite organization pieces that double as decor:

collage of stylish storage ideas
  1. Decorative Wooden Tray
  2. Clear Serving Tray
  3. Small Natural Rattan Farrah Utility Basket
  4. Concrete Utensils Crock
  5. Glass Canister Black Matte Lid
  6. 2-Tier Serving Cart 2
  7. Set of 3 Pcs Decorative Boxes
  8. Round Storage Ottoman
  9. Decorative Open Weave Basket Natural

More Home Organization Ideas

If you enjoyed these cute organization ideas, then I have even more home organization ideas you should check out next. Stop stressing about how to organize your home, we’ve got you covered:

As you can see, storage doesn’t have to be unattractive. There’s so many clever ways to disguise items you need, use and love without them being an eyesore!

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collage of stylish storage ideas

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