Making Lemonade from Hurricane Sandy

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Well, that was interesting.

First things first– we are fine.  Thank you for all your love on Facebook— that and Twitter were my only ways to get news this week because Sandy knocked out our power and your comments meant so much!

85 MPH winds sound pretty much as I imagined, but the sprinkling of transformers blowing was an added touch I didn’t anticipate.  It looked like fireworks as homes lots power throughout the night.  Fireworks that aren’t very fun, might I add.

across the street from our house
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy damage photo

Let me start off by saying I’m super thankful.  Sandy walloped this region, and while my neighbors here in Pennsylvania suffered loss of property, there was very little loss of life.  Our homes are still standing– perhaps with a tree in the driveway, or puddles in the basement, but still here.  We happened to lose power for four days, and it was a juggling act for sure but we are blessed with family and friends that gave us shelter, dinner, and let us join them for trick-or-treating.  😉

Last year we dodged snow piles thanks to Snowtober— and this year, huge downed branches and trees.  This puppy and kitty didn’t notice, though.  They were having too much fun.  
{that’s Noodle as the puppy and Bee as the kitty– he meowed all night!}
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy damage photo

It wasn’t until Wednesday night that I got a chance to watch t.v. from a cafe and see the destruction at the Jersey Shore and NYC.  People were viewing the coverage in tears, watching their homes and childhood memories drift off into the Atlantic.  I may have been unshowered and without power, but I felt so incredibly thankful for what we did have– and heartbroken for those around me.

the entire stand of trees on the right is now gone… but it’s JUST. TREES.

Hurricane Superstorm Sandy damage photo

As you can see, we had lots of trees on lots of wires.  On Thursday night, I watched as a crew from The Gulf turned our power back on.  They pulled away before I had a chance to hug them, which was probably the safest bet on their part.  I may not have let go, I was so thankful.

our neighbor’s tree missed their house, phew!
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy damage photo

My losses can be counted in dollars and downed trees, which is what I’m most thankful for today.  Due to the loss of power, we had to throw away all the food in the refrigerator.  Our sump pump failed with no power to keep it going, and the basement was flooded.  We have to replace an expensive part in our furnace, but the water heater and washer/dryer were saved!  As for possessions, they are just that– things.  We had a few things that were upsetting to throw away because they were childhood memories or things we were hoping to use, but in the end I’m sure we’ll feel lighter and happier.  It’s almost liberating to let go of stuff, but can’t imagine if we had to let go of all of it like our neighbors in NJ and NY.

soaking wet books. this librarian almost shed a tear.
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy damage photo
this large grasscloth trunk was from the early 1900’s, and I was hoping to refurbish it for Noodle.  now it’s on the curb.
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy damage photo

Later this week, I’ll share a list of what’s important to have on hand in a natural disaster, what we wished we’d done differently, and we are going to do to get ready for next time.  Considering this is our second hurricane in as many years, there will unfortunately be a next time– plus winter storms, and more.  There are some simple things we could have done that would have saved us thousands of dollars, and I don’t want any of you to learn the hard way like we did!

I’m hoping you are all safe and sound, please share in the comments how you weathered the storm.  I’ve been thinking of all my east coast friends, and anxious to hear how everyone is faring!  It’s going to take a week for me to muck out the basement and get back to blogging properly, especially since the kids still don’t have school due to loss of power.  I can’t wait to share my blog’s new design and features, which I’m hoping will be revealed next week if I can get things moving again.  Thanks for sticking with me, and please, check in below in the comments so I know you all are okay!

For those who wish to donate, here’s a post from Centsible Life on various ways to help storm victims.  My PSMM buddies have been extremely active getting supplies and donations, I’m so super proud of them!

Later this week:
Important Tips for Preparing for an Emergency

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