Favorite Posts of the Year

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12 best blog posts of the year

Hello, sweet friends! It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost behind us and the 2018 rapidly approaching full steam ahead. I wanted to pop in with a few helpful reminders (like don’t forget to enter the $100 Amazon giveaway and if you purchase my book then December 31st is the LAST day to claim your free Clutter Cleanse toolkit before it goes into the vault) and also share a round-up of my favorite posts of the year.

It has been such an honor to connect with you through the blog, and I feel so much gratitude for all your support! While I didn’t blog as much as I’d hoped, when I looked back I realized how many of these posts had a great response and quickly become some of my most popular… proving once again that it’s the quality and not quantity that matters. Since there were 12 months, I chose 12 of the best posts– here’s a walk down memory lane for those who’ve been keeping up with us for the past year, and for the rest of you here’s the BEST of the BEST that you may have missed! My favorite two are at the very end, keep scrolling. 😉

#12: Organizing Products Hall of Fame

This roundup of my favorite organizing products is the nitty-gritty-real-deal-fluff-free-must-have organization items that I use on the daily. FOR REALZ.

BEST organizing products of the year to organize every inch of your home

#11: The Magical LEGO Storage Solution (with free printables)

I love giving you free stuff, and these printables are no exception. If you have a LEGO maniac in your home, here’s how I keep those little buggers in check.

how to organize LEGOs

#10: Making Design Choices You Won’t Regret

Of all the things that have gone wrong with the building of our home, I can honestly say I truly love all our design choices and don’t regret a single one. I still swoon over the tile in our bathroom floor and am thrilled with our bedroom carpet. It’s an obsession!

how to make design choices you won't regret

#9: How to Make Doughnuts the EASY Way (VIDEO!)

The Making Lemonade team put together a video of one of our popular recipes: how to make doughnuts the EASY way!

how to make homemade doughnuts the EASY way!

#8: Cowboy Caviar with Lime Dressing

If there’s ONE recipe I had to choose as my favorite of 2017, it’s this one. I took a summer staple and used lime essential oil (you can use lime juice, too) to make a quick and easy dressing. This is a huge hit at parties and is my go-to favorite for feeding a crowd.

delicious Cowbow Caviar dip with lime essential oil dressing

#7: Minecraft Party Ideas

My little buddy turned 7 years old and requested a Minecraft themed birthday party in our new home. Once he turned those gorgeous hazel eyes on me and fluttered those eyelashes I couldn’t say no. Here’s tons of party ideas if you have a Minecraft loving kiddo too!

Minecraft birthday party ideas and printables

#6: Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

Perhaps it’s the setting or the fact that my kids were awed at the cherry buttercream frosting, but these light and fluffy Dr. Pepper cupcakes at the beach were a hit!

delicious Dr. Pepper cupcakes with cherry buttercream frosting

#5: The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Charleston

I’ve visited Charleston in many ways– as a romantic getaway, with girlfriends, with my mom, and now with my kids. Here’s the ultimate visitor’s guide on EVERYTHING from eating, sightseeing, shopping, lodging and everything in between.

ultimate guide to visting Charleston, SC -- food, hotels, lodging, what to see, eat and do!

#4: DIY Leather Tassel Diffuser Keychains

I know I’m biased, but I just love these easy DIY tassel keychains that can be used as diffusers when you add a drop of essential oil.

easy DIY tassel keychain diffusers

#3: 20 Letterboard Ideas and Inspiration

I had so many people say this is what inspired them to finally get a letterboard, and I’m happy to see so many fun and creative ways that y’all have been using them!

20 creative letterboard ideas and inspirations

#2: The Big Move: One Year Update

My personal favorite post, maybe ever. If you’ve ever made a big move or life change, or are planning one, this one’s for you. The real-deal inside look at what it was like to move my kids away from everything they knew and loved in the hope for a better life.

how to move with kids to a new state

#1: Organization Hacks is here!

Since so much of my life was focused on writing this book, it’s no surprise that it’s publication is my #1 highlight of the year. I signed the contract on January 1st of 2017, so to be holding my very own copy– and seeing all my friends and family buy a copy and send photos– GAH! It’s emotional and the fruition of a lifelong dream.

best organization hacks

Thank you again for your continued support of this blog and this dream job. I have exciting things coming for you in 2018 (in fact, we’re wrapping up the finishing touches on one of them as I type) and I hope you’ll love what we have in store. Tell me in the comments if you had a favorite post this year, and what you hope to see more of in 2018!

12 best blog posts of the year

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