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If you are renting a house on vacation from Airbnb or VRBO, you need this free vacation rental packing list. It will save your sanity and make leaving for vacation actually feel like…well, a vacation!

By the way, if you happen to be heading to the beach, make sure to also grab this free printable beach bag packing list.

free printable vacation home rental checklist with beach in background

Going on vacation is so much fun. You’ll make memories together and always look back at it as one of the best times you spent as a family. However, I’ll be the first to admit that the week or so leading up to your trip can feel like a frenzy of stress.

Thankfully, I’ve got the solution: before you pack, download and print this vacation home packing list!

This printable list is a stress-reliever and sanity-saver. It lists all the essentials you will need when you stay at a beach house (or another vacation home).

Whether you have stayed at a vacation home many times before or this is your first time booking an Airbnb, this list is perfect for all types of travelers.

Save Your Sanity – Use a Checklist

There is so much to remember when you plan a vacation – that is why I thrive with lists! And I created this list to save you the time and energy of making your own.

Now, all you have to do is go through it, pack what is on it, and check it off! Since one size never fits all, I even included blank spaces so you can add them to the list.

Thanks to places like VRBO and Airbnb, you can feel like you are staying in a second home while you are on a trip. Homemade meals, movie nights, and maybe even a hot tub are all some of the biggest benefits of renting a vacation home vs a hotel.

Some of these homes are fully stocked with everything you might need, and others aren’t. So how do you pack for a vacation home? It’s different than packing for a hotel, so this list makes sure you don’t forget a single thing.

free printable vacation home rental checklist with beach house in background

How to Use the Vacation Home Packing List

Renting a vacation home is a bit different than staying at a hotel. You’ll likely be doing your own laundry and washing your own dishes. There’s no turn-down service here!

This list covers the most common things you’ll need to take with you when you have a short-term home rental, but remember to add your own must-haves to the list too.

Here are my best vacation-packing tips and how to use this packing list. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

1. Print and Laminate Vacation Rental Packing List

I like to laminate my packing lists because I can check items off with a dry-erase marker before we leave and then use the same list to check the items when I pack to go back home.

This is totally optional. You could also choose to just print two copies – one for the trip to the vacation and one for the trip back.

2. Check the Home Listing for Details

What is already in the house before you arrive? Do they already provide dishwasher tabs and shampoo? Reach out to the owner of the house and ask if that information isn’t offered in the listing.

It’s really helpful to know what will already be there before you pack a bunch of things you won’t need.

3. Pack for the Weather and Location

If you see rain in the forecast, you might want to pack some umbrellas. Is your vacation rental really close to a coffee shop? If so, you might decide not to bring your own java. Or perhaps they have a Keurig and you don’t typically buy coffee pods. Add them to the list so you can wake up and have your morning cup of coffee without a hitch.

There are a lot of details to check before you pack, but the weather and location are some of the most important ones.

4. Pack for Length of Stay

How long you plan to stay in a vacation home will determine how much of each item you need to pack.

For example, if you plan to do laundry and are staying somewhere just for the weekend, you might only need 1 detergent pod and the home owner might provide one. However, if you plan to vacation there for a week, you’ll need a lot more than what’s provided.

If you rent homes often (such a few times a year), it helps to have a reusable plastic bin pre-packed with many of these items. Then you can take it out, do a quick check before you leave, and take it along knowing you have everything you need.

vacation rental home packing list printable

How to Download the Vacation Home Packing List

Here you go! To download the free printable packing list for a vacation home, just enter your email address below. Then, the packing list will be automatically mailed to you. It’s as easy as that.

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Packing for a vacation rental is a bit different than a hotel, but with this free vacation home packing list, you’ll have everything you need.

Staying at a vacation home can be one of the best experiences! You’ll have all the comforts of home with your vacation destination just a few steps away, and with this list in hand you’ll be able to enjoy your trip instead of running around doing errands. Enjoy!

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free printable vacation home rental checklist
free printable vacation home rental checklist with beach house in background
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