17 Brilliant Organization Products that Professional Organizers Swear By

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If you’re wondering how to organize like a professional and what professional organizers use in their own homes, we’re sharing the top products out there! We’ve rounded up the 17  best organization products to organize everything in your home easily and beautifully… pro organizer approved.

We love organizing! If you need help getting your home organized, here’s tips and ideas for organizing your garage and our free printable pantry labels.

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Professional organizers know that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method of organizing, but there are patterns that emerge time and time again. The 17 organizational products mentioned below solve many of the patterns and problems that people struggle with organizing across the board. In fact, they speak more to systems of organizing than passing fads of what’s trendy. Implementing these systems will whip your home into shape faster than simply trying to reinvent the wheel each time you organize a space.

In other words, these products are true workhorses and problem-solvers and work in many different spaces, which is why they’re so universally loved!

17 Best Home Organization Products

Water Bottle Holder

No more knocking over water bottles like bowling pins trying to find the right one, this water bottle holder solves that problem by storing bottles vertically as opposed to horizontally. We have this system set up in one of our kitchen cabinets and everyone that opens that cabinet comments about how brilliant it is!

water bottle holder

Hanging Laundry Hamper

These hanging laundry hampers were a total game changer. We have a tiny laundry room that doubles as our mudroom and the rolling laundry sorter was taking up valuable floor space. Once I hung up these laundry bags, it revolutionized my family’s laundry system. Now the entire family brings their laundry down one day a week, sorts into these bags by whites/ lights/ darks, and this room stays tidy and easy to clean since the bags are off the floor.

Another use for these bags are in dorm rooms, bathrooms, closets or other small spaces to collect dirty laundry or even stuffed animals or toys! Gosh I love a product that can be used in so many ways.

hanging laundry bags

Sorting Basket (several colors available)

My office is the main space for processing every piece of mail and package that arrives at our home, plus so much more (it’s where I organize papers, kids do their homework, etc.) That means we have a lot of rubbish in this space, most of which is recyclable. This trash and recycling sorting basket was pricey but worth every penny. I removed one of the adjustable dividers so now my basket has room for 1/3 trash and 2/3 recycling. It’s an easy and beautiful way to become more eco-friendly.

woven sorting basket

Magazine File Holders

Magazine/ File Holders are the Swiss Army Knife of the organizing world! While I recommend reducing the amount of papers you have, sometimes you can’t get rid of everything. Use these versatile file holders to sort magazines, files, hold samples and swatches, receipts, coupons, cookbooks by theme, and so much more.

blue magazine holders

Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror

I super puffy heart LOVE my new jewelry cabinet! I have a full review coming soon, but it’s allowed me to move all my jewelry off the countertops and store them in a safe and handy way. Now I simply open it up and select what I need, no tangled chains or lost earrings any more!

jewelry organizer

Desk Calendar (similar)

Even though I use my 2020 printable planner AND use iCal, I still have a desk calendar where I write down every single appointment, deadline, and goal. This makes it easy for me to section off time blocks for tackling major projects and keep on top of my goals. Also, the kids use it to check and see what’s coming up (my daughter has one of these too, mounted on her wall, which has been extremely helpful in helping her organize.)

desk calendar

Sturdy Oil Rubbed Bronze Hooks

We use these everywherrrrrre in our home. I like that they match each other so everything looks streamlined. These hooks are heavy duty and sturdy when attached to the studs or using drywall anchors, and match my home’s decor. I currently use them to hold:

  • a stepladder (pictured)
  • drying rack in laundry room
  • aprons
  • cleaning supplies
  • laundry bags (see above)
  • coats
  • towels in bathrooms

step ladder hanging on wall

Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

These slim, velvet-lined hangers are our go-to hangers. I love seeing my clothes with matching hangers, it elevates the look of my closet. Plus these won’t damage clothes, and keeps them from falling off the hangers. I did try them in my kids’ closets and unfortunately they were *too* non-slip so they’d yank their clothes off and break the hangers. Maybe in a year or two they’ll be able to handle them!

velvet hangers

Spice Drawer Liners (similar)

GAH I love my spice drawer so much. No more knocking over spice jars or taking up valuable counter space with large spice holders. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to organize spices in a drawer.

spices in drawer

Heavy Duty Shredder

It was so worth it for us to invest in a heavy duty cross-cut shredder. I used to have a cheap one that kept breaking, and then I would take my papers to shred to office stores and pay them to do it which is a waste of time and space spent holding those papers. Getting this shredder has been awesome, I use it daily to shred documents, mail and papers we no longer need. Better safe than sorry in this day and age.

crosscut paper shredder

Stylish Charging Station (similar)

I’ll snap an actual in-use photo at some point, but my husband got me this charging station for Christmas and it’s practical and pretty! Not only does it solve a problem by corralling all your electronics that need to be charged in one area, but it looks good while doing it. This would be fantastic in a guest room and much-appreciated by guests as well.

charging station

Cord Organizing Clips

These little cuties stick just about anywhere and keep your cords organized, handy, and in place. I have them under desks, inside charging stations, and on nightstands. Love them.

cord clips

THE BEST Food Storage Containers (similar)

As you can see from my pantry makeover, investing in these storage containers as so worthwhile. They keep food fresh and beautifully displayed so it’s easy to see what we have and what’s getting low. Also, I suffer from an autoimmune type of arthritis that makes opening jars and boxes difficult. These pop-tops solve that problem. Two thumbs up from the whole family.

pantry with containers

Brother Label Maker

I use this label maker AT LEAST once a week if not more. You can change out the tape to print on a white background with black letters or clear background with white letters or really anything your heart desires. I use it to consistently label EVERYTHING and while my family jokes about it, I have the last laugh when they find what they’re looking for in mere seconds thanks to my snazzy labels. 😉

Brother label maker

The Perfect Lazy Susan (similar)

Ahhhh, the humble Lazy Susan! These are essential for maximizing space in corner cabinets and I love using them under sinks to hold necessary supplies. I especially love this style because it has sides to hold everything in no matter how intensely someone spins it (I’m looking at you, kiddos.)

lazy susan under sink

Customize Any Drawer

Talk about versatile, these adjustable drawer organizers customize any drawer to exactly the style and dimensions you need… like in my tea drawer below. Those dividers are adjustable so I can move them around whenever needed to fit any shape or size.

drawer with tea bags

Shelf Liners

While shelf liners are perfect for, well, lining shelves… they can also help you organize in so many other ways. From keeping fridge shelves clean to protecting cookware and dishes, check out these 25 hacks using shelf liners.

stacked bowls

Essential Oil Wall Racks

Okay, this is a bonus one since I get asked all the time where I get my essential oil racks. While they weren’t made for essential oils, I love that they fit my bottles and look streamlined while doing so (PS- here’s how to organize essential oils in every room in your home.)

essential oil wall racks

Organization Hacks: Over 350 Simple Solutions to Organize Your Home in No Time Flat!

Last but not least, a plug for my book Organization Hacks. It’s perfect if you’re looking for quick and easy solutions for organizing every section of your home and life; there’s over 350 quick problem solvers in one book including organizing the holidays, your car, and traveling.

organization hacks book with fairy lights

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Click any of the images below to shop the items mentioned in this post on Amazon!

What’s your go-to, must-have organizing products that you use every day? I’d love to know!

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