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This beautiful pen-and-ink style floral printable planner is totally free and has daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages for you to print. The free downloadable planner also contains dated monthly calendars, year at a glance, and a printable password tracker to help you make and stick to your goals this year. Iā€™m SO excited to introduce you to my new and FREE printable easy to use 2022 Planner! Get yours now and start planning out your future!

2022 Planner Update: We’ve updated this free printable planner with a new version for 2022! Get your free planner sent straight to your inbox by clicking here, plus you’ll get exclusive access to our Printables Vault where you can access all our previous planners (which contain updated weekly and daily planning pages, so you can use any design you love.)

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free printable 2021 planner on table with paperclips

Ten years ago, I was fed up trying to find a planner that actually organized my day and helped me reach my goals. I couldn’t find that magical combination of a planner that would organize my life the way I needed- from goal setting to appointments and planning meals aligned with my daily schedule. I finally decided to create my own, and when it worked beyond belief I knew I had to share it. BOOM, the free printable annual planner you know and love was born!

Some years we went with bright and bold colors, other years more trendy with watercolors, last year I tried to share two differently designed versions because I’m a people pleaser. This year, when I asked what you wanted we had over A THOUSAND responses! The majority of you said ‘please keep it the same’, ‘make it printer friendly’, and ‘we love soothing, happy designs… preferably florals’.

planner on desk with paperclip

With that in mind, our 2021 free printable planner has a fun twist! It’s black and white (printer and ink friendly) so you can color it in if you wish. With all the stress and chaos of 2020, we wanted to create something you can personalize with YOUR favorite colors and color it in to relieve stress, like an adult coloring book.

planner with colored pencils

The rest has everything you know and love from our previous planners, with a few tweaks here and there. Keep reading for the details of what you’ll get in our updated 2021 planner!

What makes this free 2021 planner special?

Aside from being free, we feel that they’re some well thought-out pieces that make our planner stand out from a productivity standpoint.

Weekly Planner

My favorite part of the planner is it allows you to look at your week and use that information to guide the rest of your planning. For example, thanks to the ‘Events and Appointments’ section you can see at a glance which days are super busy and then plan easier meals for those nights in the meal planning area.

‘This Week’s Focus’ section is a great way to focus on ONE BIG GOAL for the week and keep it front of mind. It’s small but mighty! Then use the Must Do list to plan your action steps or other urgent tasks. The checkboxes in this area allows you to actually plan which days to finish those tasks. Again, having your weekly calendar laid out will help you plan and achieve ultimate productivity.

There’s a Shopping List to jot down ingredients from your meal planning or items that pop into your head while you work. I like to use this list during a weekly ‘Power Hour’ timeslot and order everything in one easy swoop (or schedule time to buy in person.) However, you can also use this space for jotting notes or other thoughts if needed.

free printable weekly planner page

Daily Planner

The other piece that sets this planner apart is the hour and half-hour planning sections. This is key! If I have a doctor’s appointment for 3:00, I’ll write that in the proper slot but then also add in the 30 minute driving time beforehand. Or if the kids need to go somewhere, I’ll add in 15 minute block for the inevitable finding of shoes and whatever else they need before we leave. This keeps me on track for the day.

Today’s Goals has 5 slots, though to be honest I usually only aim for 3 goals each day. Make sure to schedule time in the timeblocks to the right for accomplishing these goals. The To Do list makes sure you don’t miss anything urgent.

Then, the Notes and Meal Plan sections are a way to jot down your meals and ideas that need to be addressed. Brain dumping your mental load onto paper is one of my biggest secrets for increasing focus and productivity.

Daily water and exercise trackers on the daily planning pages round out the planner by reminding you to take care of yourself each day.

free printable daily planner page

The Extras

The coloring page vibe of this year’s planner fits a calmer, self-care focused upcoming year. If you don’t love that look, you can always go back to using the 2020 daily and weekly planning pages because those are undated.

Password Tracker, annual at-a-glance calendar, and dated monthly calendars fill in the rest to turn this 17 page planner into a productivity machine.

Basically, there’s no timewasters or fluff. Just powerpacked planning pages! It’s customizable to your needs; print what you want, skip what you don’t.

What’s in the free 2021 printable planner?

The planner has the same pages you know and love, just updated a bit for a fresh feel:

  • cover page
  • weekly planner where you write that week’s focus, must-do tasks, should do tasks, events and appointments, meal plan, and shopping list
  • daily planner with top goals, to-do list, schedule with half-hour slots, meal plan, water intake, exercise log, and note space
  • annual at-a-glance calendar
  • password tracker
  • monthly calendars (dated)
2021 calendar with pencils

How do I use the 2021 planner?

This is the best part– it’s completely up to you! Some people choose to take it to a printer and have it printed two-sided with copies for each week and have it bound. Here is how I personally use it:

  1. Print the annual calendar and put it on my bulletin board.
  2. Print the monthly calendars and place them in my 12 Week Goals folder for long-range planning (I have a large desk calendar that I use as well, so if I didn’t have that I’d definitely keep the monthly calendars on my desk.)
  3. Print multiple copies of the password tracker and write my passwords by category (ie- a page for kids, health, shopping, blog) and then store them in a secure location.
  4. Print one weekly and 5 daily planners each week and staple together into a packet. On Friday afternoons, I’ll fill out the weekly planner for the following week. I keep this on my desk and use it daily (hourly!)

I love using super sharp pencils, so my most favorite writing tool are these mechanical pencils. On my desktop calendar, I use pencil and my beloved erasable markers which I use to color code my month (red for important, orange for appointments, blue for tracking exercise, etc.) As for colored pencils, here’s colored pencils for coloring this year’s planner.

2021 planner on clipboard

So, what do you think? Do you love the new design this year? What are YOUR favorite parts of the planner, and how do you customize it to your needs?

planner on clipboard

If you love it, I appreciate any shares of this post on Pinterest or Instagram. Tag me on Instagram and show me you’re using your planner (I’m @MakingLemonade) and I’ll reshare as many as I can.

I appreciate your support and positivity over this free resource that we lovingly make for you each year!

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