Books That Make Boo-Boos Better

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Our trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday began with a bloody lip, acquired when Noodle fell off a chair in our kitchen.  It was a scary fall, especially since I didn’t see the actual drop but rather the aftermath of Noodle sobbing on the floor with blood on her face and floor.  Ughhhhhhh… pulls at your heartstrings….

Usually when she cries she ends up puking everywhere.  Amazingly, not only did she not puke, but I wiped her off and we were able to continue our trip to Barnes and Noble like nothing happened.  There are days when she freaks out over nothing, and days when she’s as brave as brave can be over something big.  I’m still in awe that we had a wonderful trip despite what happened moments before leaving.

In a weak moment I might have promised she could have anything in the store, but she didn’t ask for one single thing.  Which meant I had to buy her a few random books for later.  Because she’ll like them, not because I’m obsessed with childrens’ books or anything.

Okay, I’m obsessed.  So sue me.

Rarely do I buy books new except to give as gifts, so this was a treat.  I couldn’t resist the new Marcus Pfister book– Questions, Questions.

mostly because of this birdie:

and these seeds and those geese.

Had to have this drawing book by Guido van Genechten, Guido’s Great Coloring and Drawing Book.

How amazing are these prompts?  So creative and clever.  It’ll be awhile before Noodle is old enough to use it, but I had to get it nonetheless.

{some others that I couldn’t photograph because Bee was climbing on my lap: draw a lucky person, draw a slice of sausage, this bee has found a wonderful flower– draw the flower, make a drawing with your eyes closed…}

Feeling mighty proud of only falling in love with two books, on the way to the register I passed this book and had to buy it, too.  Darn addiction.

Little Cloud: A Draw-with-Chalk Book by Eric Carle.

Which is when I got an idea in my head for the extra chalkboard label I had from Bradens Grace (the giveaway is still open, so go enter as soon as you finish reading this!)

I found a special book that had a semi-blank page at the end.  Since this book is about being a big sister, I figured there’d be lots of ideas for things to draw.

Attach label, and voila: your own chalkboard book.  See, I like to think outside the box.  Or, book.  😉

Seems Noodle has totally forgotten about her fall from grace, because as soon as we got home she climbed up another chair.  Mama, however, hasn’t forgotten how I felt when I entered upon that scene.  I think these books are more to make my boo-boo better than Noodle’s!

Thanks for indulging my inner librarian.  I miss my old job, and the power of books to heal things like boo-boos.  And with that, I’m off to borrow Noodle’s Guido’s Great Coloring and Drawing Book.  There’s some fish that need sweaters.

Have you read any great new books lately?  Please share!
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