All the Feels: Summer, Working at Home, & an Update


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As this summer started to unfold, I made a conscious decision to live in the moment– run around in bare feet, eat as many popsicles as my body would allow, and get my hair wet in the pool.  You see, even though summer is by far my favorite season (and even though as a blogger I was technically my own boss), in the past I put tremendous pressure on myself to keep blogging all summer long. I’d play with the kids all day, and stay up until 1AM squeezing in as much work as I could before passing out from exhaustion. One night, stressed out to the max because of an upcoming deadline, my husband looked at me and without a hint of judgement said: “I don’t understand. I thought you wanted to stay home and raise the kids. Now you’re working full-time. Is this what you really wanted?”


No, that’s not what I’d imagined when I walked away from my dream job as a school librarian. It’s not what I’d imagined after years of infertility and praying to be a mom. It’s not at all what I envisioned as I sat in the NICU by my daughter’s side. Yet, it was something new that had grown in my heart. I love the art of blogging– the writing, the connecting, the creativity, and of course all of YOU.  It’s the time away from my family I hadn’t bargained on, the infinite work, the pressure of trying not to fall short of everything I know this space can become.

So without announcement and fanfare, I went quietly into summer mode. My posting schedule dropped to one post a week, if that. I tried my best to keep updating on Instagram so I didn’t let the cobwebs pile up too thick around here, dusting off the laptop a few hours a week to make sure to keep up with my business. Young Living continues to take off more than I could have imagined, so that kept me busy too. In other words, I summered. I summered so, so good.

{all images below via my @MakingLemonade Instagram page}

There was the trip where my kids got their first taste of the river life with their bestie.

Summer fun activities for kids

Testing boundaries of bravery as the amusements they finally were tall enough to ride got bigger, faster, and higher.

Staying present in the moment: photos of summer from the heart

Ice cream. Oh wow, was there ice cream.

We discovered beaches filled with periwinkles on the rocky coast of Maine, where my kids hiked their first legit ‘mountain’ and peered down on the ocean.

Staying present in the moment: photos of summer from the heart

Of course, there was some drawing. Harbor drawing.

Summer fun activities for kids


the epitome of summer- fresh berries!

There was some house hunting. And then no house hunting. But maybe some house hunting again.

gorgeous light brick house exterior

Fingers sticky with s’mores. Salted Caramel S’mores, to be precise.

Summer fun activities for kids


Summer fun activities for kids

Outdoor moving watching, and goofy faces.

Summer fun activities for kids


Summer fun activities for kids

Doing scary things, like speaking to crowds. This crowd was particularly amazing.

Summer fun activities for kids

We discovered that giraffe tongues are pretty disgusting, actually.

summer fun actitivies for kids

Lots of pooling, too. (That’s POOLing, with a ‘L’. Very important). Our favorite time to hit the pool was here, towards the end of the day– with bellies full of dinner from the snack bar and getting straight into our jammies in the pool locker room. Well, the kids did that. I basically drank my dinner and wore my cover-up all summer though.

Summer fun activities for kids

And there was some camp. Just about the right amount of camp that gave me time to catch up on errands and pressing tasks and still spend a vast amount of time with my kids.

Truthfully, I took more photos with my mind & heart than my camera. As it should be.

As much as my brain is screaming “JUMP BACK IN FULL FORCE”… my schedule says, “not so fast.” In what may be the latest school start in the history of ever (and I am not complaining one bit, if that’s any measure of how much we loved summer), my son didn’t start kindergarten until late last week. Then my daughter is off for several holidays, and I’ve been summoned to Jury Duty.

But that’s okay.

My editorial calendar is filled. My projects are lining up and screaming for attention. I’ve read the whole Life-Changing Magic book, and you will too– go ahead and get your copy and meet me back here next week so we can KonMari together.

Summer may be over (for now), but we can always keep a little bit of it in our hearts.

Now pass me my tall boots and a crockpot. It’s time to get our autumn on.

Thanks for sticking around while I focused on my family. I promise the wait will be worth it.

summer fun activities for kids

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  1. Good for you!! I could stand to do more of this!! I LOVE all the ‘stuff’ that comes with a blog, but there’s never enough time in the day… and I often worry that I’m choosing blog over kids too often. :/ No right answer, but I love this post and seeing all the fun you guys got up to! See you in a couple of weeks!!

  2. Good for you. You only get one shot at those kiddos. And man oh days you had a fantastic summer :). With amazing kiddos like that you should always seize the moment. Before you know it you will be sending them off to Susquehanna Univ.

  3. Absolutely loved this post. So glad you took time to enjoy your family and the summer; judging by the photos, it looks like you were able to pack in a lot of memories! Can’t wait to see what’s in store this fall.

  4. Family is so important and you don’t want to miss out on any time spent with them. I’m so glad you spent the summer enjoying them and making wonderful memories.

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