The Cavewoman Emerges…

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… to give you a big THANKS for all the support and ideas on my last personal post.  Your comments fell into three categories: things I had already tried and now feel better that I wasn’t crazy for doing so, ideas I had not yet tried but intend to, and just plain old encouragement which I also really needed!

Baby B is still not sleeping much, but his daytime routine is getting better so I’m hoping his nighttime one will follow.  He rejects the paci when he’s really hungry, and I’ve just come to terms with the fact that my son cluster feeds every hour or so for certain periods of time (the worst is midnight to 5 AM).  I also called a lactation consultant that will visit tomorrow, and if that doesn’t work then I’m letting the idea of nursing go knowing I did all I could.  Sleeping wise, he’s happy as a {hungry} clam as long as he’s in my arms.  I had sworn we wouldn’t co-sleep with this one.  :::Sigh.:::  Truthfully, if he’s happy then I get some sleep, which makes me happy.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  Besides, he’s so cuddly.

Unfortunately, I am stuck in the feeding cave for a little while longer because Noodle is sick.  Coughing, runny nose, sneezing– and with her, those things are BIG because it causes her reflux to rage.  I’m terrified B will catch it, hence my continued feeding cave quarantine.  The poor thing didn’t sleep last night either; yes, our entire household was basically up all night long.  Me?  I’m trying to laugh it off, which makes me look a little like a crazy person.  You know Claire from Lost, the squirrel-baby one?  I resemble her right now. 

This, too, shall pass.  At least it’s summer and not gloomy winter.  I also managed to take some photos of B during one of his wakeful spells where he wasn’t rooting for food.  Fun Fact:  the other day he drank 28 ounces of milk/formula .  Noodle, at 23 months, ALSO drinks 28 ounces of milk (fortified with Carnation Instant Breakfast) each day.  Could it be that BOTH my kids of feeding issues, just different ones?  HAHAHAHAHA!  (there goes that crazy-squirrel-baby-Claire-laugh again… I’d better get outside soon…)

And Natalie, thanks for putting B in your sidebar!  I think he’s pretty cute myself, but it made my day that you thought so, too.  😉

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