Free Printable January Organizing Calendar

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Happy New Year, everyone!  If you’re anything like me, the new year (and January in particular) fills you with an urge to clean out, organize, and declutter your house (and life).  I’m a huge fan of organizing your home ‘one drawer at a time’ and compartmentalizing the tasks.  Seems much less intimidating when you break it up that way, and since finding time is a huge roadblock to organizing for us busy people keeping it simple is a plus.  To help you (and me!) out, I created an easy to follow FREE PRINTABLE January Organizing Calendar.  This method of organizing uses just 15 minute chunks of time each weekday– totally do-able, right?

Free Printable January Organizing Calendar

I’ve saved longer tasks for the weekend when you may have more time.  It’s customizable, too– you can cross off tasks you don’t need to accomplish, and add in personal ones you do.  If you have more time on a weekday, simply flip that task with a weekend day.  Or if you find yourself with more time on your hands, perhaps go through a few tasks then take a few days off.  Get offtrack?  No worries, since each weekday task takes about 15 minutes prioritize the ones you need and go in that order.  It’s super easy to keep track with this calendar!


Click Here for the Free Printable January Organizing Calendar


Notice, too, that there are three ‘focus weeks’ so you concentrate your decluttering and organizing in one room/ area.  I’ve kept the kids items to a minimum out of respect for those who don’t have children, but if you do have kids you might want to subtract a few tasks and then add a few extra chunks of time for decluttering their toys, books, closets, and clothes (or plan to spend longer on those days they are assigned.)

Free Printable January Organizing Calendar

Stay tuned throughout the month of January, because I’ll be popping in with helpful tips and tricks for accomplishing various goals on the calendar too.  For example, I have three tips for organizing your closets that I think you’ll love!  Plus, all those warrantees and instruction manuals you got this Christmas?  I’VE GOT YOUR BACK.  So get ready to start the year off clean, decluttered, and ORGANIZED!

{while this free printable organizing calendar is created for January 2014, you can really use it any 31-day-long month; just ignore the days of the week at the top.  So it’ll work next January too, if you want to pin now and save it for later:)   }

Free Printable January Organizing Calendar

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  1. Bravo! I am definitely printing this out and adding it to my calendar. Please keep these coming for other months!

  2. PRINTING!!! I need to get organized

  3. Now this is an organizing calendar I think I can actually follow!

  4. This is great. Just what I need to get our home on track after a couple of crazy fast moves. I just found your blog this morning, and can’t wait to explore it some more. Happy New Year!

  5. I like the idea of taking small bite-sized steps at cleaning and organizing the house. It seems so overwhelming to think of all that needs to be done after the holidays. I’m tripping over toys on the floor from our NYE celebration last night and the idea of cleaning the whole house sounds exhausting right now. But taking it one thing at a time I can definitely accomplish! Thanks!

    • I’m in the same boat, looking at all the toys and clutter around the house if making me anxious! So glad the calendar will help you out, I know it’s making me feel less intimidated when I look around and see all there is yet to do. :) Happy New Year!

  6. I so love this!!!! Thank you Carrie! This is just what I needed, since I tend to get a little overwhelmed. I do NOT have the organizer gene! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. Hahaha thanks for this!! I matched 21 pairs of socks tonight 😉

  8. love this. will you have one for every month? =)

  9. Yay! I’m so glad you made a calendar. Please keeping doing them if you are able.


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