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A friend and I had lunch a few days ago and chatted about our one word for the year.  Last year I knew what my word would be, blogged about it, and definitely tried to live it all year long.  This year, I had not even given a thought about my word and as my friend coerced me to share it over coffee that day, a word popped into my head and I blurted out: “my word for 2014 is SLEEP!”

Sleep is no joke to me.  I attempt to only blog when my kids aren’t around, and since I work 40+ hours a week doing this, you can imagine most of those hours come after they go to bed at night.  If you combine that with lifelong insomnia and chronic pain, you can guess my total number of hours of sleep each night can be counted on one hand.  IF that.  Sleep, which such a small word, seems like the WORLD to me right now!

Of course, sleep is the exact opposite of what my brain wants to do.  My brain wants to write, love, create, comfort, and read.  Some of my best dreams have been with my eyes wide open.

When I was looking back at the top posts of 2013, my post on Gratitude stood out as my absolute favorite because of how present I felt in each photo.  My favorite quote of all time continued to play in my head:

One Wild and Precious Life Quote

I’ll admit as this new year starts I’m still unsure of what my one word should be.  I want to DREAM a little less and DO a little more, though sometimes I want to DO a little less and LIVE a little more.  I want to write a BOOK.  I want to READ a book, many of them, with my kids.

I want to GRASP the world with both hands.

Perhaps 2014 isn’t the year of the one word for me.  I might need to give myself permission to take a pass this year, and give myself 365 more days to think about it.  Or, choose a word in July.  July is almost as good a time as January, right?

But first, what I really need to do?  I need to go get some SLEEP.  🙂

Find more motivational quotes on my Quotes to Live By Pinterest Board; are any of your favorites in there?

Do you have a word of the year?  How do you plan to live this one wild and precious life this year?

One Wild and Precious Life Quote

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  1. I think my word would be choose. I hope to approach more moments with a sense of purpose…rather than passively going through the motions. I recognize that this doesn’t necessarily mean being in control of the events of the day. Sometimes the most important choice is to lift your oars and ride with the current a bit. 🙂

    First choice of the morning is to let you know how much I adore you and this post. Thanks for helping me ponder this. xo

  2. My one word for 2014 is Growth — in my learning, in my career, in my finances, and in my family 😉

  3. I picked 4 words for the year, the same 4 I used last year. However, I probably would pick sleep, too. I’m still catching up even with my youngest being 5 years old.

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