20 Favorite Essential Oil Accessories & Supplies

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These top rated essential oil supplies and accessories help you use your oils at home and on-the-go! From diffuser jewelry for aromatherapy to carrying cases and storage ideas for your oils, these must-have accessories will help you use and love your oils… beautifully.

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collage of essential oil accessories

I’m sure by now you’ve realized I’m obsessed with essential oils. My love runs deep, not only because of their amazing scent but also because they’ve helped us boost wellness, support healthy sleep, flavor foods and beverages, and detox our home. I’ve tossed most of our traditional cleaning, personal care, and beauty products and opted for the essential oil infused ones instead– and you wouldn’t believe the positive impact it’s had on my family! That being said, essential oils don’t just use themselves. You need to actively find ways to incorporate them into your daily routine… and these beautiful accessories and supplies do just that.

how to organize essential oils beautifully so you always have what you need on hand for natural health, wellness, and beauty!

Everything on this list is either someone we have personally in our home or has been highly recommended. Keep reading under each link for how I use each item to support our essential oil wellness journey!

copper and glass organizer on bathroom vanity

20 of the Best Essential Oil Supplies and Accessories

collage of 20 of the best essential oil accessories and supplies



1. Oily Mama Shirt

Okay, this shirt doesn’t exactly HELP me use my oils but does advertise that yes, I probably have an oil for that. 😉

Use your oils on the go by adding a drop to a leather keychain. This one is cute, or make your own in about 10 minutes with this DIY Tassel Keychain tutorial.

The jade roller has nothing to do with oils, except I do usually use it before applying my essential oil infused face serums to help support the production of new skin cells and collagen.

You can add a drop of essential oil to the back of these earrings and diffuse it all day long right where you need it!

Take your diffuser on the go with this pretty carrying case… because HOTELS.

Put a drop of essential oil right on the leather for on-the-go diffusing.

This book is filled with loads of recipes for DIY recipes for beauty, cleaning, repelling critters, and relaxing home spa treatments. I snagged a copy at a recent event and can’t wait to dig in.

You can find this carrying case at Target (it’s from the Magnolia line!) and it fits a diffuser and other must-have essentials for traveling.

This bag beautifully stores your oils and makes traveling with them a cinch.

Organize and display your oils in these cute wooden holders. They’re perfect for desk tops, nightstands, bathroom vanities, and in the kitchen… basically anywhere you use your oils. Which is probably everywhere. 😉

This is on my vanity right now, and it holds my Argan oil, makeup brushes, and Savvy Minerals makeup! Get more essential oil organization tips here.

Use this turntable for your Thieves Cleaner and natural cleaning supplies. You can also use it to store Vitality oils in the pantry, or your natural beauty products too.

These geometric wood wall shelves are super cute and store oils in a chic and stylish way. Use the upside down triangle for holding roller bottles on their side.

I was gifted this lipstick holder to use for storing roller bottles and it fits them perfectly! I love it so much it sits right out on my kitchen island (in fact, it’s in the photo at the beginning of this post if you want to see it in action.

Basically THE book to help you use your oils. A must-have for anyone who uses essential oils.

Since citrus oil melts plastic, you’ll need a glass or metal water bottle to drink water flavored with essential oils. This one is great for traveling and taking on the go.

If you think oils are powerful, WAIT UNTIL YOU PAIR THEM WITH CRYSTALS. I don’t want to get too ‘woo woo’ on you, but needless to say, WOAH.

Another style of diffuser bracelet, just as pretty as the other but a totally different feel.

Diffuser necklaces are another way to bring your oils with you wherever you go. Since they sit on the chest just below the face, the scent reaches your nose and so you can really harness the power of the oils aromatically.

Roller Bottles. Don’t leave home without them!

collage of 20 of the best essential oil accessories and supplies


What am I missing from this list? Any helpful essential oil accessories and supplies that I forgot? Let me know in the comments!

collage of essential oil accessories

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