25 Clever Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Easier


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From color coding to smart packing tips, these moving hacks are pure genius. Learn how to make moving easier and faster.

Of course, this free printable moving checklist kit is a MUST HAVE. Before trying any of these hacks, you’ll want those printables.

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You know who thinks moving is easy? NO ONE, that’s who. Mention that you’re moving and people will gaze at you with pity-filled eyes. It’s been two months since we moved out of state, and we have about 3 more months until we move everything AGAIN. Which means we will have done it twice in under 6 months.

The only way to navigate that without losing your mind is to use these easy moving hacks. They will help make things simpler and reduce the amount of work upfront (and on the unpacking side as well). I can attest that many of these work because we did them ourselves during our first move, and the ones we didn’t try will be tested with our next.

25 Clever Moving Hacks

Let’s just jump into the hacks, shall we? How many of these moving hacks will make you say, “now why didn’t I think of that?!”

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1. Seal Drawers

Instead of emptying out your drawers and packing them in boxes, put plastic wrap over the drawers. Make sure the plastic wrap is wrapped around the drawers at least 2-3 times so that things don’t spill out of them.

2. Pad Plates

There is nothing quite as annoying as getting to your destination with broken plates. Place packing paper or paper towels between plates before boxing them to cushion them during the move.

3. Use Disposable Plates And Cups

Pack a first day basket with disposable plates, cups, and cutlery so you can eat without digging out your dishes. You’ll be exhausted after the move! (or order from Amazon Prime and have it waiting for you at your front door like I did.)

4. Fill Nail Holes With Soap

Fill nail holes with bar soap if you’re not handy with spackle. Or use MY FAVORITE 3-in-1 spackle tool that allows you to apply it, spread it, and sand it in one handy bottle!

5. Reuse Toilet Paper Tubes

Use toilet paper tubes to keep wires and cables organized. They are the perfect size and keep all your cords from getting tangled up in the boxes.

using a toilet paper tube to organize cords

6. Seal Toiletries

Put plastic wrap on toiletries under the lid to keep them from spilling during the move—guys, DO THIS! I thought the lids were tight on several bottles and they spilled out and ruined several boxes! Don’t make my mistake!

sealing liquids before moving hack

7. Put The Room Name On The Box

Label boxes with the contents of the box as well as the room it belongs in…or use my printable moving checklists to keep yourself organized.

8. Protect Plates

Pack plates vertically so they’re less likely to break. Make sure you wrap them well! I didn’t know this, but when you stack them horizontally, they are more likely to crack.

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9. Pack Clothes On the Hangers

Don’t take clothes off their hangers. Instead, move them in bunches in garbage bags still on the hangers. Easy and way cheaper than wardrobe boxes.

10. Use What You Have

Use all your suitcases and bags to pack clothing and other items in to save money on boxes. It may not seem like much but it can really add up! But don’t stop there—fill every single duffle bag and reusable grocery bag. It’s amazing how much you already own.

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11. Pack Appliances In A Basket

Put essential appliances (like your coffee maker) in a laundry basket so you can put them on your counter right away in your new place.

12. Color Code As You Pack

Color code each box according to room so you can identify what needs to go where at a glance. Don’t forget to create a chart that explains what each color is. The less you have to remember, the better. Trust me.

color coding boxes before moving

13. Cut Out Handles

This is one of my favorite moving hacks of all because boxes can get super heavy. Take a load off and cut triangles in boxes about 1/3 of the way down to create handles for easy carrying.

14. Change Your Address

Changing your address seems simple enough, but there are lots of places that you need to notify of the change. Use this change of address checklist to simplify things. Don’t you wish this could just happen automatically? Me too.

15. Store Hardware Together

Keep hardware organized in plastic bags. Keep the nuts, bolts, and screws all together with the user manual so you can easily put everything back together when you arrive.

images of moving ideas and packing tips

16. Pack The Packing Supplies Last

Keep packing supplies in a basket that you can easily move from room to room. Pack them last because you will probably need those markers and that tape over and over as you find things you forgot.

17. Create A Key

Contain the chaos with a moving room key. This is a color-coded guide that tells you where everything should go. This is also really helpful because you don’t have to sit and bark out orders over and over. Just hand your helpers the key and they will know where things belong.

18. Buy Quality Storage Bins

Invest in storage bins for holiday decor and other items that stay in storage for most of the year. Trust me, do not buy the budget bins. They are more likely to crack and break during the move and then you’ll have to buy more anyway.

19. Use Egg Cartons For Jewelry

Pack jewelry in egg cartons to keep it tangle-free and organized during the move. Then, put this egg carton in another box so that it doesn’t get crushed or spill.

20. Sell Your Stuff

Less stuff means less packing (and unpacking!) Have a yard sale to get rid of things you don’t need. You might just make a few extra dollars.

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21. Pack Books In Suitcases

Pack books in suitcases with wheels. You’ll thank me when you don’t have to carry back-breaking boxes full of books.

22. Keep Doors Unlocked

Put a rubber band around the doorknob to prevent it from latching every time you carry a box out the door. I use this hack when I am moving into a house. It’s so much easier to open a door with my hip than to try and finagle that doorknob when my hands are full of boxes.

23. Mark Boxes As Fragile

Remember to mark boxes with breakables as fragile. Whether you’ve hired movers or are doing it yourself, you don’t want someone to be too rough with those boxes.

24. Use Plenty Of Padding

Add some padding to your boxes. Plastic grocery bags are great for cushioning your breakables. Don’t leave room at the top without padding because otherwise they may get crushed.

25. Use IKEA Bags

Buy some IKEA bags! They’re lightweight but tough, so they’re perfect for moving clothes, stuffed animals, blankets, etc., and you can use them for storage when you’re done.

ESSENTIAL TIP: Create a ‘moving day’ basket filled with your important papers, keys, cleaning products, tape, your color-coded list, and anything else you’ll need on moving day and in your new home.

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Top 5 Moving Hacks and Tips

This quick video shows you how to organize cords, color-code boxes, create an essential moving crate, and more of our top moving hacks and tips!

Get a FREE Printable Binder to Organize Your Entire Move

This printable binder has everything you need to organize your move from start to finish. Click here to get this free printable moving binder delivered right to your inbox and experience the easiest move ever.

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Make your move even easier by shopping the helpful moving supplies below.

These moving hacks may seem little but are HUGE timesavers when it comes to moving. Try them out and let me know which ones worked best. If you’re not moving now, PIN this so you’ll have it handy for when and if you do!

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