19 BEST Organization Products (All From Amazon!)


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Ready to get your home in order? This curated list of the best organization products can all be purchased right on Amazon…hooray for 2 day free Prime shipping!

Want to check out even more organizing supplies to organize your entire home? You’ll love this list of 17 brilliant organization products that professional organizers swear by!

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Ready to jumpstart your organizing journey? You’re in the perfect place. I’ve already done the research and want to share some of my tried and true favorites with you!

I’ll steer you in the right direction with a curated list of my favorite organizational storage finds from Amazon!  But you don’t just have to take my word for it. You’ll be able to check out lots (often thousands) of reviews for these highly rated organizing supplies before adding them to your cart.

The 19 Best Organization Products on Amazon

Let’s get started! Check out these super popular and life-changing organizing supplies that I found on Amazon.

1. Key Tags

These are so fab! I like how I can remove seldom-used keys from my keyring and label them. It reduces the weight of my keyring and makes it easier to “share” those spare keys with others who might need to borrow them.  We also use these to easily color code and label keys for our crawl space, spare keys, mailbox and more.

Here’s the thing. These key tags are NOT just for your keys. They are great to attach to other items: USB drives, children’s backpacks, school lunchboxes, DIY bottles of cleaning supplies, etc. So many possibilities.

how to organize keys

2. Shoe Rack

If you fall in love with this shoe rack you’ll be in good company (check out the high ratings on almost 3,000 reviews.) This organizing product will bring order to a closet, laundry room, or entry area. I’ve found that I can actually use it with up to 12 pairs of (ladies) shoes if I also utilize the space right under the rack. It’s solid and easy to put together, too!

3. Spice Jar Labels

This organizing product from Amazon is the PERFECT solution if you want a spice drawer that is easy on your eyes. These will give all of your spice bottles a classy, uniform look, particularly if you put them on matching spice jars

Check out the before and after pictures of my journey from spice chaos to spice haven! It’s amazing how the right organizing supplies can help bring AND maintain order. 

4. Pantry Labels

Are you a fan of organizing your pantry with containers? Clear containers allow for easy visual access. But, what if you aren’t sure if that jar is holding your coconut flour or your all-purpose flour?

Say no more. I love these pantry labels, and I think you will too! These are one of my favorite organizing supplies that I love to recommend to friends. My motto is still “done is better than perfect.” But, these labels get me to both done AND perfect in record time!

5. Stackable Plastic Drawers

Have your bathroom counters disappeared under piles of products? If so, this organizing product will become a new favorite.

I am a huge fan of storing things in clear containers so that I can quickly see what is inside. You could use these in a lot of different spaces, but I am a fan of using them under the bathroom counter. You can stack them on top of each other, taking advantage of vertical space.

Of course, you can use these in tons of other places – your kitchen, closet, craft room, office… they really are the perfect organization tool.

6. Expandable Drawer Organizers

This is one of the best organizing products! They’re simple, inexpensive, and comes in four different colors. They are the best organizing tool to bring order to any kind of drawer (kitchen, bathroom, and desks to name a few.) 

Just empty out your drawer, install the spring-loaded dividers, AND … here’s the tricky part. ONLY put back in the drawer those items you know you need. You’ll be decluttering and organizing in one sweep.

7. Plastic Bag Holder

I love this storage option from Amazon. It mounts on the wall (not taking up any floor space)! The sleek, stainless steel look is a total pantry upgrade from the plastic options. And trust me, this organizational tool stands the test of time. 

8. Zippered Plastic Envelopes

These semi-translucent zippered bags will become your best friend! I love how versatile they are. You can store documents, protect cell phones from water, or use it for toiletries on a trip. Bonus: it’s easy to take the zippered collections out of your bag/purse, so it kind of works like a bag organizer! 

This happens to be one of my most well-loved travel tools too. Here are some of my other favorite travel essentials.

9. Charging Station

This charging station is a life-changing, one-of-a-kind, stellar organizational find! At least seven of your household’s tech devices can find a place to be recharged at night. No more scouring around for cables – it’s all in one place! I love this so much that I try to take it with me when I travel (if space allows).

10. Label Maker

While each is on their own organizational journey, I feel very confident in saying that EVERYONE needs a label maker. Check out this label maker – I love it and it has over 4 stars on Amazon with over 16 THOUSAND ratings. 

calendar with label maker and pens

11. Plastic Bins

Here are some more clear bins for storage and organization. These open storage bins can bring order to your refrigerator and pantry. They are fairly low-profile making them great options for all kinds of spaces in your house.

I have them in my kitchen cabinets to hold kids’ cups, water bottle tops, and so much more.

12. Water Bottle Holder

Stop what you are doing and add this Amazon storage find to your shopping list! This is a fantastic organizing product for every household! Reusable bottles and travel cups will finally see the light of day (Instead of being crammed into the back recesses of the cupboard).

13. Shoe Pockets

There are tons of organizing and storage hacks that use clear, over the door shoe holders:

  • hang it on the back of a bathroom closet door for spare toiletry items and for hairdryers, hair accessories, brushes and more
  • store seasonal items on the back of your mudroom door: gloves and heavy socks in the winter, caps and flip-flops in the summer
  • turn it into a wrapping station by using it to store tape, tissue paper, ribbon, labels, scissors… you can even cut the bottom of the middle pockets to turn them into ‘sleeves’ for holding rolls of wrapping paper
  • they make a great snack station on the back of a pantry door
shoe pockets on back of door

14. Spice Jar Drawer Liner

Check out how you can use this specialty drawer liner to create a custom spice drawer! I’ve done a deep dive into spice storage here. 

15. Spice Jars

These clear spice jars are a classy storage option! Bonus: as you decide which spices are worth funneling into your new bottles, you may be inspired to branch out and try some of the spices you’d forgotten about!

spice jars in drawer

16. Lazy Susan

Check out this clear lazy susan. This little lady can add rotating storage for your refrigerator, pantry, table-top, or bathroom! I can’t sing its praises enough.

lazy susan under sink

17. Velvet Hangers

Switching out mismatched hangers for these velvet ones are one of the best things you can do for your clothes and closet, too. They keep clothing from slipping off the hangers, and help protect the fabric thanks to the velvet covering. Because they’re slimmer, they save a lot of space. The best part is that having hangers all the same color makes your closet look cohesive, tidy, and organized… seriously, you’ll look like an organizing pro.

18. Hanging Bag Holder

This handy purse holder is having a viral moment on Amazon right now! If you have a bunch of handbags, this space-saving hanging bag holder will keep the dust off and ready to go at a moment’s notice when you want to switch out your bags.

19. Plastic Photo Boxes

These plastic photo boxes fit into a larger carrying case, making them the ultimate organizing tool for so many uses beyond just storing photos. Use them for puzzle pieces, organizing small toys or craft supplies, office supplies, garden seeds… the sky is the limit with these multi-purpose organizing boxes. They come in both clear and primary colors.

plastic photo organization boxes
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Thanks for letting me share some of my “tried and true” favorite organizing tools with you. What are your organization ‘must-haves?’ Happy organizing!

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