How to Get the Best Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021

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Prime Day is here, and I’m spilling all the secrets on how to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day without breaking the bank. From home to kitchen to electronics and toys, now’s the time to stock up on great gift ideas and products at a huge discount.

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Amazon Prime Day arrives June 21st and 22nd 2021, and it’s a fantastic time to scoop up amazing deals and even get a head start on gift shopping (I’m always planning ahead to save money over the holidays, how about you?)

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a two day mid-summer sale where Amazon Prime members can scoop up exclusive deals on popular items (often at 50% off!) and get free shipping, too. There’s also other perks, including 20% off coupons, exclusive streaming events, and lightning deals (limited time deals that are great but go fast.)

Top 3 Amazon Bestsellers This Year

These, this and this were the top 3 bestsellers for Making Lemonade readers over the past year. What can I say… we love making our homes a haven and organizing. No surprise there!

Prime Day Bestsellers

If I had to predict this year’s Prime Day bestsellers, it would be this, this, and this. I have versions of all three and use them DAILY (that is not an exaggeration) PLUS they’re on sale for Prime Day which is why I’m betting they will be bestsellers. Keep reading for more bestsellers!

Here’s how to save money and get what you want on Prime Day:

Tip #1: Mark your calendars: Prime Day starts at midnight PST and 3AM EST on June 21st and ends June 22th for two days full of deals. Make sure you’re a Prime member to get the deals and free shipping too!

Tip #2: The number of deals can be overwhelming, especially since some are available the full two days and some are lighting deals. Add items you want to your wishlist, and then keep your eyes open for deals during the sale. Don’t forget gifts for the holidays or upcoming birthdays, it’s a great time to snag those as well.

Tip #3: Search for deals by entering what you want in the search bar and clicking the gray box that says ‘All Departments’ on the left side of the search bar and selecting ‘Prime Day’. Now all the deals on that category will pop up for you.

Tip #4: You can also search by category by clicking the category icons on the Prime Day page. I always find great stuff in the Home Improvement, Toys, Home, Kitchen and Amazon Devices categories.

Tip #5. Another place to get great deals is the Lightning Deals section. These deals often go quickly and will display how close they are to selling out (or what time it will end, depending on the product.) I do peek here from time to time, but I don’t love impulse buying, so if you’re afraid you’ll be too tempted it’s okay to skip it.

bissell floor cleaner

Best Prime Day Deals (+ What I’m Buying on Prime Day)

It’s a fantastic time to stock up on gifts without going over budget during the holidays. Another category to scoop up is your ‘wishlist’ items– things you’d like but would rather get them on sale. For me, this is usually small appliances and items for the home like pillows and vacuum cleaners but for some it’s electronics or fashion and beauty. Obviously everyone has different wants and needs, but in general here are my favorite finds:

Home and Organizing

If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, they’re over 50% off on Prime Day this year! Our other favorite cooking appliance for fast meals is the Air Fryer, and there’s several on sale including this highly rated one.

I’ve RAVED about my Bissell Crosswave, and while it’s not a Prime Day deal it IS on sale for as low as I’ve seen it anywhere. Other Bissell products are Prime Day Deals though, so check them out if you’re looking for a new vacuum or carpet cleaner.

If you live in a warm climate, entertain a lot, or just love ‘the good ice’, this ice maker has become the darling of the influencer world. I’ve got to admit I’m tempted because we love chewable ice in this house and it’s $100 off, but currently lack the counter space.

Neither are technically Prime Day deals but both are either on sale or have a coupon you can clip: the best wrinkle-free sheets (I’m replacing all our old sheets with these) and these awesome cooling pillows.

The two rugs I have in my home are Prime Day deals, you’ll get them for way less than I did just one week ago:

entryway with rug

Loloi Hathaway Rug in Entryway

entryway with rug

Loloi Hathaway Multi in Entryway

Another great find are these outdoor lanterns… I have them by my front door and am getting a second set for flanking my garage doors. I love the classic style, and the price CAN NOT be beat!

outdoor lanterns

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Electronics and Technology

I can’t recommend the Kindle Paperwhite enough. It makes reading easy whether you’re in bed, on the go, or in the bathtub (it’s waterproof!)– and reduces so much clutter because books are electronic. Better yet, you can link it to your library card with the Libby app and check out books electronically. It’s a great gift for the reader in your life… or yourself, for that matter.

I’ve shared my love for my noise cancelling headphones previously, and my FAVORITE brand is on sale for $170 OFF! I don’t have this particular model (mine are older) but wow am I tempted to upgrade. I use them when I travel, while I clean or work, and even some nights when a certain someone is snoring. 😉 They save my sanity time and time again!

We need new Chromebooks for the upcoming school year, so it looks like we’ll be scouting deals for those and saving big bucks on them, too.

My kids each have an Echo Show and they’re great for reminders, asking about the weather, and so much more. I love my Echo Dot in the kitchen for adding items to my shopping list, getting weather reports, and listening to music. So many uses, and they’re on super duper sale for the next two days.

Toys and Kids’ Activities

We’re stocking up on gifts for birthdays and the holidays, too. Our all-time favorite toy are these Magnatiles and they rarely go on sale so this is a great price.


My son wants LED lights for his room (apparently this is a big trend among teens right now) so we snagged them on sale for Prime Day.


Typically books go on sale in some form (it looks like this year select Kindle books are 4.99 or less), so I’m scooping up every title that I can during the sale.

Here’s a running list of the BEST, most highly recommended books. Every time I read a review or get a recommendation of a book that sounds great, I add it to the list. Also added are books I’ve loved over the years. It leans heavily towards mysteries, historical fiction, page-turners, and non-fiction about productivity/habits and home related topics… but there’s something for everyone on there.

organized books using the KonMari decluttering checklist

Last but not least…

One of my favorite buys this year has been this handy little box cutter that I use to open all those boxes that arrive on my doorstep. It makes breaking them down for recycling much easier, too!

You can always find my favorite products and ideas in my Amazon Shop, which is updated frequently. Bookmark it to easily find my favorites for organizing, cleaning, home, kids, travel, and more.

What’s on your Amazon Prime Day list this year?

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