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Eleven months ago, my life was finally getting back on track after the year that turned our lives upside down.  My daughter was a year old, and we had settled into a routine of life with a baby… one that included a night nurse and NG tube, but still getting more normalized by the day.  After hyper-focusing on her needs for so long and ignoring mine, I decided I needed an outlet for the ideas and thoughts bouncing around in this head of mine.  And so… a blog was born!

I wrote about Blackberry Picking and Books and Pumpkins.  I shared Freebies and Cheapies, and gave a small glimpse into our life.  I even set out an industrious plan to Refresh My Nest, month by month.  Oh, the places we’ll go!

Then, we had a little surprise.  A happy, little surprise.  Which, of course, turned into a big surprise nine months later.  Since pregnancy is so hard on my body, the recipes stopped.  I had to selectively Refresh My Nest.  The dozens of projects I have lined up in my project bin have taken a back burner to holding my sweet but high-maintenance baby boy once he arrived.

It’s amazing what can happen in a year.

In August, this blog turns a year old.  I had no idea when I began what life would be like just 12 months later!  In celebration, I’m planning a month of fun things for us.  I’m giving this blog an overhaul by finally getting it professionally designed.  I’ll have giveaways and a party or two.  I’d love your ideas for what a Making Lemonade blogoversary looks like… what would you like to see on here, both for the blogoversary and long-term?  You input means so much!

If you would like to sponsor a giveaway to promote your business for this special event, please email me {makinglemonadeblog at gmail dot com} or comment below!

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